Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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The New Year has just begun and the clatters are loud

My heart isn’t happy, I hereby declare and avowed

Hard to believe that a newfangled start is risen

Last night, numerous losses on a paper, I had written

The air I breathe is still dusky and occupied by poison

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My brain doesn’t accepts joy, it has a definite reason

All the sorrows that are engraved within my soul

Besides, the sadness and grieves are also playing role

I am tightly covered with a despairing yet hopeless shelter

My head is shouting silently, I am not a good yeller

What new start when I see quarreling ideas everywhere?

Where living is not a priority but dying and burying there

All the queries are standing in front of the festive night

Barely touched, hardly answered, where my cries fright

My mournings are unable to get out of the nightmare

Admittance of defeat is not easy, but I should bare

My aims and goals are all shattered by depression

But wishing a new year, will leave a great impression


Asma Rashid                                                                    Decipherable Writings

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