Happiness is the bright, blue and the beautiful sky,

Happiness is the redeeming hope that everything cannot be a simple lie.

Happiness is the lush greenery that envelops the nature,

Happiness is an instinct and an intrinsic feature.

Happiness is you and your blooming smile,

Which is true to the core without any sign of beguile.

Happiness is the palliative sound of the rain,

When it’s situated inside, why look for it in vain?

Happiness is the tranquil breeze,

Happiness is the life that we try to appease.

Happiness is those unspoken words that exist between us

Happiness is that silent understanding without any form of fuss.

Happiness is the amalgamation of words and silence,

Happiness is those dreams and aspirations which has much relevance.

Happiness is the rising and the setting sun

Happiness is the journey from innocence to experience that we have to learn.

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