Happily Never After

Happily Never After

With every exhale, I close my eyes and let that part of me go; our past and future.

It’s the feeling of sadness when you lose the race, the small knot of anxiety in your throat when you wait to see your name on the call back list in the school play, the emptiness of looking around your childhood home before you close the door behind you for the last time.

The aching, the traumatic arguments, words that cut deep. The love, laughter and memories to last– it all fades away while we mend our hearts and heal our minds.

I sit here, numb and thoughtless, for the first time since I can remember. The stab marks through my heart and pounding in my mind are still fresh– but it’s not as painful as before.

As each day passes, the photograph I have locked in my constantly racing mind is getting more blurry and the wording I see, more smudged. Please, please, I beg. Let me forget about that part…I’m ready for the Happily Ever After.

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