The happiest smiles hide the saddest thoughts

Sarrvesh Waran

The happiest smiles
hide the saddest thoughts

Anna Marie Brown

Putting on the face
of happiness and joy,
but a prisoner
in my own mind

Sarrvesh Waran

I have grown up, yes.
But not the child in me.
I have adjusted to the world,
But not the child, you see.

The smile I wear.
Is not real, oh dear.
To please others
I hide my inner tears.

I have sat with the broken.
Been there to cheer them up.
But I never felt better.
As I never cared enough for myself.

I guess I should first embrace
The child in me.
And then go on with the world.
As I learned to be me

Karthik Parthasarathy

Smiles on the outside
For the entire world to see,
Happy go lucky attitude,
to put on a show for others.
Yet, part of an unfinished childhood,
Rests deep inside me.
The part I go to,
Whenever I am alone,
away from the world.

Ravina Jain

The price we pay
for the fake smiles of adulthood,
is the pure innocence
and freedom of childhood gone,
I often wonder~
Is adulthood really worth it?

Jaimie Mazzone

You are wearing
that fake smile again.
Come on and be real!
The inner child is crying
and begging for you
to come alive!

Richard Hafer

Beneath the smiles
I’m still that hurt little boy
Beneath the mask
I need you to hold me

Lavanya Raghuraman

My way of masking is a smile
At the core of my being,
I am but a lost juvenile
The world does not see
my vulnerability
The show I put up
is a fake presence of my vanity
Life goes on
Life goes on
Deep inside, I fight
the battle of Armageddon

Ramya Raghuraman

Behind every smile
there is a sad story
that keeps one hostile.


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