Types of Hands In Palmistry and What They Say About Your Personality

Types of Hands Palmistry Say About Personality

They are also strong communicators and charming in their own ways, so they have the potential to become leaders or politicians. Sometimes they may think instead of feeling and sometimes think instead of feeling. Due to this tendency, people around them may perceive them as dethatched or unconcerned with others.

Wood Type

People with wood type have oblong hands with long fingers and well-defined knuckles.  Wood hand people are stubborn, talented, independent, emotional, artistic and creative by nature. 

They are romantic, soft-hearted, caring, and are inclined to platonic love. They are curious, clear-headed, can think deeply, and have good concentration, which helps them excel in profiles like art and culture, marketing, psychology, and so on. However, unable to adapt to change is a major drawback.

Metal Type

People with this type of hand have square palms, fingers, and nails. They are strong-willed and practical, besides being grateful, goal-oriented and highly determined.

They work with a sense of fairness and justice, which makes them suitable for the legal profession. Also, they have great communication and coordination skills and if used in a potential way can make them a good leader or manager.

Metal type people cannot handle flattery or emotional deception, so only genuine lovers can attract them. They are brave enough to go the extra mile and beat obstacles to control their own destiny.

Mixed Type

People with mixed hand types have mixed characteristics and behaviors. They are known to be a self-centered and lack-definite purpose in life. 

They are uncertain and tend to lose focus and determination if they don’t get success in what they are doing. Mixed hand people also lack deep-thinking skills and mental disposition for reflection. However, they can achieve wonders, if they use their skills and talents in a potential way. 

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Did You Check?

Do you find this analysis according to palmistry true for you? Did you know that you aren’t just influenced by one sign? For example, you may be a Libra, but have your Venus in Virgo. This would mean that in your relationship life, you would possess Virgo tendencies.

In the same way, other aspects of your hands can reveal more depth about your personality. Look out for more articles by us, to share what your hands may graciously reveal about you!

Source – Spirit Science

types of hands
types of hands
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