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By Jackie De Klerk 

Death, intriguing to some led by curiosity, overwhelming to others who fear to stare reality in the eye.

So many versions to celebrate this mystical day. From the innocence of saying ‘Trick or Treat’ to the more sinister. A day to express the dream of what you want to become or to reveal what’s lurking in your mind by wearing your thoughts on the outside. The day where being abnormal is normal.

The reality is that we all have ‘demons’, so why fear the demons of another sort? 

Here’s to Halloween 2017. Enjoy or not, it is a day of the year whether you’re ready or not.


By Benjamin R. Fox 



The sign said “Just Take One” but no one was around so he took the whole bowl. In the morning his mom was missing. The sign said, ” Greedy Boy, I Just Took One. “. Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃


By Sulekha Pande

 Nanananana, nananananaanaa…..

He mocked her in a singsong voice, as she sobbed, her hair askew, her face smeared with blood with the slap that had cut her lip…
He was still wearing that nasty skull mask….

Who, who are you?
She choked on her words, regretting, having answered the door after 10 PM. 
She didn’t know what to do, she was in a state of shock.
He perched on the sofa with an ease that was scary.
You #$%^!@, make one move, and I’ll blow you to bits.
He pointed his gun at her…..

She stopped in her tracks as she’d tried inching towards the phone to call the police.
No, no, no, don’t even think of it, my darling…
It was futile and she gave up.
Do you want money? Jewellery?
Take it all, please and go……

NoNoooooo, you think it’s about money? He asked in a guttural tone.
He whispered it’s about revenge….
What’ve I done to you?
I don’t even know you….
You do, boomed he……….

Go back, 10 years…….
I lived just across, but for your highness, I did not exist….
She was now sobbing hysterically.
I don’t know you……
That’s the problem, my beautiful, for you, we don’t exist, us, ordinary mere mortals.
He came and sat next to her, took her head in his arms and crooned in a hoarse voice…

She was now shaking miserably.
I loved you, and he started telling his story, without knowing that she’d already passed out…

Outside the world was busy in the revelry of Halloween, and she was living out a nightmare….
He was long gone by the time she came to.
His Halloween mask lying by her side.

All her efforts proved to be futile to locate her previous neighbors that matched the description.

She moved to another house very soon after…..


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