13 Ways To Keep Love Alive In Your Relationship

Keep Love Alive Relationship

5. Pour a hot bath together.

Some delightful ways of spending an evening together don’t cost anything. Going into the tub with each other (by candlelight, of course), followed by more candlelight in the bedroom, is sure to enhance the spirit of romance.

6. Serve each other.

Take turns being in service to each other. You can bathe each other and wash each other’s hair. You could shave his face and he could shave your legs.

7. Feed each other.

Agree beforehand to feed each other every forkful of a meal. We know some couples who have done this in restaurants, often to the surprise of other diners. Sit across the corner of the table so you can be close to each other. (Feeding each other also slows down the rate at which you eat, which is a good way to lose weight.)

8. Gaze into each others’ eyes.

Spend time being connected through your eyes only, without the need to exchange words. While this may seem a bit awkward at first, after a few minutes you’ll begin to settle into the experience and you may begin to experience some surprisingly delightful feelings.

9. Dance in private.

After dinner, you can listen to music together, and might even want to dance. If you’d prefer privacy, try dancing with your partner in your own living room or bedroom. (Another big advantage of dancing in your own home is that you can take your clothes off. You’ll know for sure that you are not roommates or business partners when you’re dancing nude!)

“Every relationship is work.” – Bill Hader

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10. Give each other massages.

Massage is another great way to keep love alive. You don’t need a massage table or fancy scented oils—and you don’t have to be a professionally-trained masseuse or masseur to bring a loving touch.

11. Read poetry together.

Reading love poems to each other brings sweetness. If you enjoy the exotic, consider poetry from Rumi, Hafiz, or Kabir.

12. Hide love notes for your partner to find.

Love notes stuck in books, under plates and pillows, and in the underwear drawer are sure to draw smiles of appreciation.

13. Speak the language of love to each other.

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

Last, but not least, is the way lovers talk the romantic talk. It needs to be sincere, intimate, and full of feeling from the heart.

These emotional interchanges are the main meal of our relationships; sex is the dessert (and it’s non-fattening). Taking time to make sure that the intimate aspects of our relationship are thriving works wonders for the partnership and our lives as a whole. Trying something new can promote more thrills and excitement than anxiety if we are mindful of the ways we approach change.

The lovers’ aspect of our relationships thrives when we enjoy the art of bringing pleasure to each other. Additionally, we receive the added benefit of all those health-enhancing hormones running through our bodies that promote happiness and wellbeing.

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Written by Linda and Charlie Bloom
 Originally appeared in Psychology Today
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13 Hacks To Keep Love Alive In Your Relationship
Keep Love Alive Relationship pin
13 Ways To Keep Love Alive In Your Relationship
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