Habitual Liars And Their Agendas

 June 24, 2019

habitual liars and their agendas

The truth Is Sometimes Hard to Fathom and Accept

Manipulation victims rarely consider that there are simply some people who by nature won’t allow the vulnerability essential to an equal partnership.

Right from the beginning, such folks are all about the business of position and impression management. They’re forever scoping out opportunities, exploiting vulnerabilities, and seeking advantage. A victim’s guts might churn at all the “red flags.” But they tend to discount their instincts and feelings. That’s because they find it unfathomable that there could actually be people like this. They can’t imagine a person so hell bent on maintaining a position of advantage that they carefully cloak their true nature and agendas.

Realizing and accepting the truth can be painful in itself. Many victims struggle with shame, guilt after learning how badly they’d been conned. Sometimes, they even question their ability to make good judgments. Surviving a relationship with a habitual or pathological liar can leave you feeling both unnerved and confused. But when you understand the nature of character disturbance, things get better.

Moreover, once you accept that some folks simply lack the capacity (or willingness) to relate on equal, respectful terms you can reclaim a sense of personal integrity and self respect.

Written by Dr. George Simon
Originally appeared in Dr. George Simon

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