Are These 5 Habits Keeping You Single?

Habits Keeping You Single

Being single can be the ultimate exercise in self-care and getting to know yourself. It can also feel like the pits if it is the last thing you want in life. If you’re tired of dinners-for-one and dreading another engagement announcement on Facebook, it might be time to take a closer look at your dating habits. Is there something keeping you unmatched while are your friends are brilliantly loved-up?

According to experts in romance, there are five distinct habits that can keep you in the solo zone forever. How many might be keeping you single?

1. Romantic Perfectionism

Romantic comedies have trained us to always be on the lookout for the love-at-first site. After all, if you can’t make a connection across a crowded room instantaneously, is it even true love? Here’s the cold hard truth, if you wait around looking for love at first sight, you’re probably going to be waiting a very long time. Don’t wait for that fireworks moment promised by the movies. That’s a narrow idea that could keep you from meeting potential mates who could be a perfect fit. If you don’t ditch perfectionism, you may never find someone who lives up to your fantasy!

2. A Fear Of Making The First Move

Making the first move can be scary. After all, not everyone can be born with unassailable self-confidence. Too often, people let someone special slip away because they are too nervous to make a move. Go up to someone who interests you and simply say “hello!” Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you did the bold thing and gave it a go. If this still sounds terrifying to you, start by trying something that will force you to make a move, like speed dating. Speed dating is a great way to practice making a move and starting a conversation with a total stranger. All you have to do is search speed dating in Leeds or near your location and find an event near you. It could help you to build your confidence and dip a toe into the waters of making the first move.

3. Playing Hard To Get

Everybody wants to feel wanted or be pursued. Unfortunately, playing hard to get backfires more often than it works. If you want someone to be interested in you, you’ll have to express interest in them. Human beings are egomaniacs at heart. Treating someone badly or acting as if you’ve got more important matters to attend to, will only cause them to ditch you for someone else. Don’t be coy or run away. The mystery of your true feelings won’t make you more alluring, it will make you seem like more of a handful. If you’re interested in someone, always be forthright and let them know.

4. Insecurity About Appearance

Did you cancel a long-awaited date because of a zit? Appearance insecurity is something we all suffer from, yet when it comes to love, it is important to see just how wonderful you are as is. Don’t feel as if you need to look perfect in order to go on a date. The right person won’t notice that small zit (nor will they care if they do). Similarly, don’t feel as if you have to deprive yourself of food while on a date to look demure or guard your waistline. Enjoy yourself and show your true colors. The right person will enjoy themselves if they sense you’re having a good time too. Constantly primping or depriving will steal the joy from everyone’s night.

5. Speaking of Your Ex

Old relationships can be hard to let go of, but the time to rehash the past is not while on a date with someone new. Never mention your ex on a date, unless you are explicitly asked. Whether you were with someone for years or it was a short fling, you need to leave the past in the past and focus on the present. Even a passing mention of your ex could suggest to a potential suitor that you haven’t moved on or come with too much baggage. It’s okay to be open with your date, but it isn’t good to dwell or bring up names from the dating graveyard.