10 Guilty Pleasures All Introverts Secretly Share But Won’t Admit To

An introvert is a shy person who cannot express their thoughts and emotions to others very readily, that is, is reticent.
Now thanks to this tendency, the notion of being introverted are covered in a haze of misconceptions.

First of all, introverts don’t stay alone or prefer solitude because they don’t have friends or can’t make friends. They stay alone because they genuinely like staying alone. While they might be considered unsociable and alienating, they are on the other hand the kind of people that value others more in the sense that they seek genuine connections, genuine friendships, real conversations and sincere relationships.

In Holden Caulfield’s words, they don’t do phony.

Secondly, introverts are fully functional social human beings and they are fully capable of existing in a crowd; otherwise, let’s face it, they wouldn’t have jobs or normal functional lives.

Introversion hence is just a personality type, like others.

They might find it a little difficult, on account of their reserved natures, to meet up with the demands of society. They would definitely prefer staying by themselves than be in a crowd. This might make an introvert seem to be rude but it is not something that they can help doing.
They have a very different idea of enjoyment than other people. It might even seem to be strange to the eyes of extroverted people because staying alone in your home is not what society considers to be recreation. But the accusative finger of society can do little to deter introverts to indulge in their own ways of seeking pleasure.

Here are 10 possible guilty pleasures you might share if you are introverted or know of if you have a friend who is:

1. Evading Small Talk And Chit-Chat

Like we said earlier, when we say introverts are reticent, we mean they seek meaningful conversations with people and don’t just talk with people for the sake of it. Hence they can be seen evading and even at times retaliating against small talk.

2. Eating Out Alone

Whereas others may see eating alone as a taboo, often judging the person doing so, introverts are right at home doing it. Food is one of the bigger pleasures of life and how better to enjoy it than in the company of yourself.

3. Having Extroverted Friends

Now because introverts abhor being the center of attention all the time, they make really good listeners and hence make very good friends to extroverts.

4. Rejoicing When Plans Get Cancelled

Introverts do metaphorical air flips when this happens.
Given their tendencies, introverts are more often than not indoors people, not given to too many sounds.

5. Running Off When Things Get Salty

Whenever there is a chance of conflict, introverts are seen to slightly seep into the shadows.

6. Being Your Own Best Friend

Being comfortable with their own company, introverts are perfectly at home with themselves. When planning to do something they do not require an entourage of friends; on the other hand, they do some of their best work alone.

7. Observing People From A Distance

Observing from a distance is one of the things introverts excel at doing. They make brilliant flaneurs, observing and making mental notes about people. After all, Dupont wasn’t an extrovert and Holmes hated small talk.

8. Being Creative

While extroverts spend time talking for the sake of it, introverts introspect and use the same introspection to come up with new ways of expressing themselves uniquely.

9. Getting amazing phases of Sleep

If you are an introvert and are reading this, you know just what I mean. Taking naps and staring at the ceiling is like your bread and butter.

10. Filtering Calls

In the age of technology, it is obvious that an introvert uses the weapon of texting the most. Calls and any form of human interaction is kind of slightly evaded.

10 Guilty Pleasures All Introverts Secretly Share But Won’t Admit To

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