11 Signs To Determine If You Are Compatible With Your Partner

signs to determine if you are compatible with your partner

9. You share goals about kids.

When one partner wants kids and the other partner does not, or doesn’t want to be actively involved, this presents a challenge.

This presents a very difficult challenge if the woman gets pregnant. Was it done on purpose, with the hope that the partner would “grow” to want to be a parent? Or was it an accidental pregnancy? It usually doesn’t work out very well either way.

It’s important to talk about whether to have kids or not and when. Both partners need to be on the same side. I’m not saying that everyone should already know fully whether to be a parent or not. However, this can be life-changing in a relationship and needs to be fully and honestly discussed earlier than later.

It’s common for someone to not feel strongly about parenthood one way or another. But if the couple can discuss this together, they may find an answer to that question together.

Compatible with your partner
Compatible with your partner

10. You agree on parenting styles.

Most often, parents tend to balance each other in their parenting styles. The most important thing is to work together as parents. One parent works in “harmony” with the other in terms of support. But your styles need to complement one another for it to work well.

Regardless of the method, you and your partner need to be on the same page. It doesn’t work when one parent is the “good” cop and the other parent is seen as the “bad” cop — especially if it was not mutually agreed upon by both parents.

Regardless of the parenting style, it needs to be consistent.

11. You have similar life goals.

Some people might have a long-term plan of moving to Italy one day when the kids are grown. Or another might be planning on staying locally wherever the grown kids are with their own families. These are not the same plans and would be tricky to combine.

I know it seems way far off in the distance and plans can easily change. However, sometimes family dynamics can have precedence over other plans, wanted or otherwise.

It’s good to talk things out just to see where you both currently are regarding the future. It’s also fun to talk about your dreams with each other. You never know where they will take you!

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Successful relationships are about being friends, admiring each other and feeling fortunate that you found the right mate.

If the two of you can discuss these subjects then you are off to a great start in terms of being with the right mate!

If all the above sounds true, you can be sure that the two of you are compatible and your relationship is healthy enough to last.

Written By Susan Saint-Welch
Originally Appeared On YourTango
11 Signs To Determine If Your Compatible With Your Partner
11 Signs To Determine If Your Compatible With Your Partner
signs to determine if you are compatible with your partner pin
signs to determine if you are compatible with your partner
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