11 Guidelines to Determine If Your Relationship Is Healthy Enough To Last 

11 Guidelines to Determine If Your Relationship Is Healthy Enough To Last 

Your values define how you live your life and vice versa. To share a life with someone, your values will determine your life choices along the way.

5. You’re comfortable with each other’s sexual desires

Sexual intimacy is important in a romantic relationship. It can increase closeness and emotional intimacy and ideally, it’s something only the two of you share.

The two of you must be comfortable with both of your sexual practices. This is not always the case, however. When it isn’t naturally the same, the couple needs to find compromises that are acceptable to both partners. This is not only about particular practices, but how often it occurs.

Now, the challenge is to match each other’s preferences as much as possible. Statistically speaking, women want or need to feel emotionally connected before having sex. Men, however, most often statistically speaking, feel more emotionally connected through having sex.


6. You share money management ideas

Money issues can cause frequent arguments if the two of you are not on the same page. How each of you spends or saves money can easily be a hot topic that causes friction, or brings you together in terms of your goals.

Are you a saver and more conservative? Or are you more impulsive? How you spend your money depends upon how you live your life. If conservative, do you prefer to eat well or do you save your money for clothes or travel?

Issues can involve smaller details such as when you pay your bills. Do you wait until the deadline or pay ahead of time to avoid the worry of forgetting to pay at all? Do you prefer to pay off debt? Or does acquired debt not worry you at all?

It doesn’t need to match across the board, but on a larger scale, your financial picture as a couple will likely be a mixture of both of your habits. However, if this is not agreed upon in some manner, your credit may negatively affect your mate or vice versa.


7. You can talk through issues even when you don’t agree

This is a tough one, but a necessary skill to have in place in deciding upon a committed relationship. Life happens to all of us. Whether you can talk through issues effectively and still maintain feeling connected afterward can deeply affect your relationship.

The more comfortable you feel in talking through things will also determine in part, the stability of your relationship. Again, it requires respecting one another’s opinions and wanting to find a middle ground that’s good for both of you. It’s not about who’s right or wrong!

To do this, you want to stay away from judging one another and to focus more on a solution both of you can live with. There will be times when one person is happier with the decision than the other.

However, this needs to be reciprocated another time down the road. When not in full agreement, focus on the compromise.

Successful relationships involve good communication.


8. Your religious beliefs are compatible

Whether you are both religious or not, if faith is involved, it needs to be respected by the other person. When faith is practiced by one or both it often becomes a part of the lifestyle of a person.

This doesn’t mean that the mate must share this belief or practice. But it’s important to demonstrate respect for the partner’s belief. It may be different in how this looks, but the bottom line is that each partner feels respected about their particular beliefs.

Is it OK with you if your mate does not practice or share your religious beliefs? What if you have different faiths and churches? You will need to find a way to make this work for both of you.

If you want to have kids one day, you must discuss and agree upon the role religion will play in their lives, and how they will reconcile any differences in your practices.

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