Guess – How souls must be spending their vacations

We know when we die – our souls disappear into thin air and remain on vacation till they get reborn once again.

Not only they go on vacation, but their vacation period lasts even as long as ten to twelve years or, perhaps, even more than twelve years, in some of the cases.

Just imagine – how they must be spending such a long vacation.

Though it is undeniable – we don’t know anything of the manner in which they must be spending their vacations, we get a vivid clue about it from the love-story of the Indian artist Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia who took birth in a very poor and humble family and his soul mate – Charlotte Von Schedvin who happens to be a scion of a royal family of Sweden

If you know their story – nothing like that.  

But if you haven’t heard of them, it is breathtaking how they should have met each other to have realized that they should have met each other only because they had been conjoined to meet each other.   

Pradyumna Kumar was born in 1949, in an utterly poor weaver family of Orissa (India) in a community that was not given any credence in the society during those days.

However, one day, one of the old ladies of his village told him that according to his horoscope his wife would come from a faraway land. Her zodiac sign would be Taurus. She would be fond of playing the flute and she would own a forest. But he would have to follow her footsteps.

Driven to find this mysterious woman, he left his village and moved to Delhi in 1971, where he joined the “College of Art” to study Fine Arts.

Broke and alone, he slept in bus stations and telephone booths.

To survive, he painted portraits on the streets – comforted only by the prophecy yearning to meet this woman, someday.

To his great surprise, one day – to be exact, on December 17, 1975, a strange looking woman visited him in the crowded veranda of Connaught Place where he used to meander, hunting for someone who would offer him to draw his portrait and give him some money in return.

Intrigued by his claim of “making a portrait in 10 minutes”, she decided to give it a try and asked him to draw her portrait.

But suspecting that she could be the one about whom the old lady of his village should have mentioned – his hands trembled and he could not draw a good portrait to her satisfaction.

So he asked her to come again the next day. Since again he could not concentrate he asked her, “If you don’t mind, would you tell whether you are from a faraway land?” to which she answered, “Yes. My name is Charlotte and I am from Sweden”.

The next, he asked her whether she was born under the zodiac sign Taurus and the woman nodded her head even to this query. Thereupon, he asked her whether she was fond of playing the flute.

When she told him that she was fond of playing flute and piano, he couldn’t believe his eyes and gathered the courage to have asked her whether, by chance, she owned a forest?

It was a limit when she answered even this question in affirmative.   

Stunned by his questions, she asked him what made him ask such questions and he couldn’t resist telling her what that an old lady of his village had told him that according to his horoscope he shall marry a woman from a faraway land, a person who would have Taurus sign, would be fond of playing the flute and would own a forest.  

Appalled by all such a coincidence, she also felt like believing that perhaps he could be her soul mate and her destiny should have compelled her to travel down with a hippy group all the way down from London, crossing Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan – to reach India to have met him.

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