What Is a Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel

A guardian angel is an angel that has been assigned to protect and guide you or a group of people. According to Christian beliefs, guardian angels have been given to us by God and they play an important role in our lives. Every one of us has a guardian angel who stays by our side throughout our lives, from the moment of our birth to death.

A guardian angel, though they cannot impose choices on us, help to guide us on our pathways to heaven. They are a silent presence in our lives, always there for us, helping us to follow the right path and obtain salvation. At heart, our guardian angel helps us to be good Christians and follow the word of God.

Now that we know what a guardian angel is and what they do, let’s take a look at what our spiritual guide can do for us.

Guardian Angels Provide Moral Guidance

Guardian angels help to protect each of us from demons and the temptations of sin. Even if you are going through a difficult period in life, your guardian angel will be there to guide you towards God. A guardian angel is there is enlighten us and keep us on the right moral path. 

As Saint Jerome said, a guardian angel is the ‘mind of the Church’ and has been commissioned to guard the soul of individuals throughout life.

They Protect Against the Devil and Fear

Guardian angels are faithful servants and remain with us to protect us from fear and the evils of the Devil. We do not need to fear the evil plans of the Devil when our guardian angel is with us.

Saint Bernard described guardian angels as an ‘awesome gift from God’ that protects us against serious temptations and tribulations.

Guardian Angels Can Go In Your Place

Throughout the recent pandemic, many of us have been unable to attend Mass, for one reason or another. Thankfully, our guardian angels can go in our place. There are prayers that many people find useful when they are unable to attend Mass in person, instead of sending guardian angels in our place.

Should you desire it, your guardian angel can go and comfort others and remind them that God loves them in times of difficulty. Click here to learn about the 999 angel number meaning.

Let Your Guardian Angel Be Your Spiritual Guide in Life

A guardian angel is a spiritual guide that protects us during our lives and reminds us that God is near. Your guardian angel is always looking over you and guiding you, especially when life becomes challenging. If you are facing challenges in life, it is helpful to pray to your guardian angel for support, comfort, and advice.

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