With Time I Find That I Grow Apart From People

With Time I Find That I Grow Apart From People

With time I find that I grow apart from people, who do not seek to grow.

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  1. I'm pondering the same question. I can no longer 'grin and bear it', well I can but I don't want to anymore. Why put up with it just because 'they're family'? Should I find a way to educate them just because they are family? Or do I just let it go altogether to concentrate on my own growth, like I would with non family?

  2. …I don't think I measure 'them' as much as myself… I find that I have to follow my own energy and then eventually I reaslide they are no longer in my life… whether other people 'grow' or not… is none of my business and not for me to judge. I always wish everyone well.

  3. No, you are not mean. Boundaries are necessary and people have a choice to work on themselves or not.

    If they don't keep up with you, then, they are either growing in a different direction or they don't care to grow or maybe can't for some reason.

    If they are stuck, they can seek help from a professional. It's not healthy to force relationships that aren't working.

    Sometimes, the best that you can do for someone is to let them be themselves and you be yourself, and let go of trying to control the relationship or which direction it or a person goes or not.

    People will stay or go as needed. It will work itself out automatically and through you choosing based on your priorities.

    If everyone takes care of themselves, we would need few charities and few volunteers. Only the helpless would need help.

  4. People keep on committing sins but because of LOVE, God never gives up on us until we finally realize to grow and mature our thinking…so we as people should practice a lot of patience to those who are dear to us…Prayer is powerful so pray for them.

  5. Depends… we all grow at our own pace. It's just bordom that makes one feel another isn't growing. Also where in that is the BE YOURSELF thing? The truth is people can't say I've heard Your stories ~ I'm bored with You goodbye. But those very people would get So hurt if it was said to them. In the End it's simply the End. Absolute honesty helps. That's all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I dont understand how some people never try to do better? Spend all day moaning about what others have instead of trying to achieve goals….sucks the life outta me!

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