The Greatest Tragedy In Life Is Being Stuck

The Greatest Tragedy In Life Is Being Stuck
Robin Bitz

The greatest tragedy in life
is being stuck
within the walls of your mind
a place no one can enter
but you.

Felicia Holmes

An awakening that showered me
with dreams of freedom,
Only to realize I was cemented
in memories of the past.

Ravina Jain

Parts of me hidden and caught,
Parts of me exposed, raw and bold,
Human body is a piece of art,
an epitome of courage
That circumstances beautifully mould!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Caught in a rut,
Nowhere to go.
Affixed to the wall,
No way to move.
Yet, I am the showpiece,
The centerpiece
in your wall of fame.

Sarrvesh Waran

This is me
You are going to see.
I am tired of holding back,
Pretending I don’t have a knack.
With my eyes closed, my head held high.
My hands open,
and me reaching the sky,
I am going to come out of this illusion.
Coming out is the only solution…

Anindya J Ganguly

My mould of innocuous insanity
Breathes like a sculptured statue
Excavated from the reigns of Renaissance.
Help me find my sacred solace
In this abysmal graveyard of solitude
In whose cursed chains I live trapped
Until my hearing on the Judgment Day.

Charl Lacorte

I was able to see the world
behind the wall of sacrifices.
Though I am stuck
and cannot totally get in,
my courage and determination
will lead me to fulfill everything.

Melanie Iris

Free your mind
and the rest will follow

Debra Pry

The walls that hold you back,
Can never set you free.
Break through
to the other side of fear.

Roan Snyders

My body may be shackled,
but my mind wonders free

Sheila Giwékwé Kelly

only by walls created

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