The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

The greatest gift
you can give yourself
is freedom from
what others think.


8 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself”

  1. Careful who u show your heart 2 be wise about it, cause they could just rip it out n walk off without a second thought… empathy. If someone treats u like shit it’s because YOU let them do that.. careful who you let into your life love,passion wotever can blind your thoughts from reality..
    Thank you

  2. Yes, its potentially devastating to self image etc, but at the same time it does introduce a guideline as to what constitutes generally accepted behaviour in a given society. As always , good and bad in everything & everyone…..can also create mental anguish when there is conflict in the individual between conforming and at the same time wanting to rebel

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