Imagine, for a moment, that you live in a world but do not own it.

You are, however, provided with all that you require to be thankful and to be grateful.

I’m guessing, that like many others on the planet, you are – on a consistent basis – given many blessings.

Do you appreciate them?

Let’s say it’s hot outside, like the hottest day of summer in Las Vegas Nevada…

If you are in an extremely negative mood, or feeling ungrateful, and you come across a tree.

That tree can still be a vehicle through which you receive a blessing of shade.

You can profusely complain about what you don’t want, how much your situation sucks, and whatever else…

But the sun will more than likely still rise, gravity will still keep you securely on the ground, and the Law of Attraction will continue to respond to and replicate your vibes.

When you truly recognize that Gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness will better help you attract and be blessed with abundance in positive and healthy ways.

And that complaining TOO much, as a gigantic dramatic habit, attracts more poverty and lack…

That’s when you can take a step back and observe the symphony of epiphanies.

That is when you have swift shifts in perspective.

Complaining can serve as a positive purpose as it reminds you to be grateful.

When you complain about something you’d like to change, it also gives you the opportunity to clarify.

But if you do it too much, for too long, it then starts growing ungratefulness and the fear that you have nothing to be grateful for. And soon you become more ungrateful than you are grateful.

And what you wanted to change remains the same or gets worse. You get lost and confused…

Sure, you’ll have moments where you complain and are ungrateful.

But, in time, you’ll see more value in being grateful and thankful on a regular basis.

The more thankful you are, the more you are able to be blessed with more blessings and abundance on a regular basis.

Situations will indeed rise in which you focus on lacking something that you want. And you might think that having it will solve all of your problems too…

You might think that complaining about not having it will motivate you to attract it…

But complaining for too long feels like what?

And if you are complaining for too long, can you be grateful at the same time?

The Law of Attraction, which is simply a Law that functions in our realities, will continue to respond to and replicate our vibes…

And match up similar vibes.

If you complain and are ungrateful most of the time…

Guess what you’ll attract more of?

The best vibes to be in, or at least some of the best vibes to be in…are appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness…

In positive and healthy ways of course.

The choice is yours.

No one else is responsible for your choices. And no one else is responsible for your vibes either.

Which one do you choose to do on a more consistent basis?

Appreciate, be grateful, and be thankful?


Complain, be ungrateful, and be unthankful?

Peace be unto you.


Source – lawofattractionandlove tumblr