Goodbyes Are Only For Those

“Goodbyes are only for
those who love
with their eyes.
Because for those
who love with heart
and soul there is
no such thing
as separation.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

34 thoughts on “Goodbyes Are Only For Those”

  1. Love in these contemporary times is nothing more than an ”ENIGMA”…its more opportunism than anything else, its more like inflated egos gone over the fuckin head, its all based on your financial bearings & looking for security before you even know what’s in your fuckin dirty heart…its one big farce…its better to stay out of it & wait for God to decide, & when God does…it happens naturally…that’s when its meant to be…

    1. Metron Ariston I disagree, completely. God changes whatever he thinks is good for someone. ifs obvious she will look at a man who has some financial bearing, but then she won’t expect the man to have all the wealth in the world to decorate her ornamentally so she can get men to flatter her so she’ll feel good…because that’s when a man can get nasty & kick her ass right out on the streets…don’t you see this happening in most parts of the world??? you want a man who loves you first above everything else, i suppose…that’s when God steps in…so sometimes its best to leave women where they belong & hum ”bob marley’s ”no woman, no cry”…& let God do the rest…

    2. Errr, I just put them back. I had to make a new account because they had blocked me. It’s not my fault that she decides according to financial stability, I told you that from the beginning. But you wouldn’t listen.

  2. Separation is real. Memories and love are real. I will always love them but miss them deeply and they leave an emptiness in the daily life that is a void and hard to fill. Leads to anxiety and depression. Not that one cannot overcome, but it is tough.

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