15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

11. When we only reach out to our parents on Father’s or Mother’s day.

Father’s day or mother’s day isn’t necessarily the only time when we should talk to our parents. Our parents have played an important role in our lives by providing us with a lot of care and support. 

The only way for us to thank them is by being there for them, therefore we probably suck if we only contact them on these two days or their birthdays as a formality and the rest of the year we avoid their calls. Parents don’t demand much from us, they only want to be cared for, and just want us to stay in touch with them. Is that too much to ask for? So, make use of this time, as they’re not getting any younger, and make amends!

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12. When we want to change but we don’t try to change.

Most people want change in life but are we willing to make a change?  It’s tough to leave our comfort zones, especially when we are used to certain things. People fear that if we change, something will go wrong. But, we definitely suck if we’re not making an effort to do anything about it.

So take the bigger risks in life – Change will not happen overnight, we have to make it happen. If required make a plan and work on it, only if you are determined will you be able to make change happen.

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13. When we compare our lives with others lives on social media.

Social media is a great tool that connects us but there are downsides to it as well: it creates a false sense of insecurity among people, especially the younger generation. It feeds us with a false and exaggerated standard of how life should be – pretty, happy, and always perfect.

We really suck when we compare the airbrushed and filtered versions of others’ lives on social media with our lives. Not everything we see on social media is real, so we need to stop underestimating ourselves. Stop comparing yourself to a model or influencer, stop checking Facebook or Twitter all the time, and stop seeing the accomplishments of others whilst making yourself feel inferior.

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14. When we all want to talk but never listen.

When we talk to someone and they listen, it’s our duty to listen to them when they’re talking. If you aren’t listening and always talking about your problems, then you’re probably a part of the problem.

We often talk over someone unknowingly but we can identify that behavior and try to work on it. When others go through problems, the most we can do is listen to others and support them.

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15. When we give too much importance to the ones on social media and not to the ones with us.

We enjoy staying connected with everyone on social media, seeing their updates and pictures but sometimes excessive use of social media can be unhealthy for us. It really sucks when we stop interacting with our family or friends and spend most of our time on social media.

While engaging on Facebook or Instagram can be interesting it can lead to us being lonely, as we tend to lose interest in the real world. Our goal is to connect with our friends and families but not through social media always!

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How to Stop Sucking At Life?

Identifying your strengths is easy but so difficult when you have to identify your weaknesses. Try and work on them, you might mess it up that’s okay. At least you’re trying.

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15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life
Good Reasons Why We All Suck pin
15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life
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