15 Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

Good Reasons Why We All Suck At Life

5. We all want something in return but never give back.

We, as humans, are selfish sometimes. We always look for favors in return, and our intentions are never pure. If you help a friend out, you’ll expect them to help you in return. It’s normal to think this way, we all do. Have you ever wondered about doing something with pure intentions? Trust me, you wouldn’t suck if you did.

Try not to be a taker and learn to give more in return. You can start small, like buying food for a homeless person, visiting a senior care center, and spreading love to those who need it. You’ll realize how giving is so much better than receiving something.

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6. We value money over relationships.

Both money and love are important aspects of our life. But, on practical grounds love can’t feed us and money can’t make us happy. Does that make sense?

But we suck when we value money over relationships. It only makes sense that you’re young, ambitious and wants to be successful but having more money doesn’t always make you successful. Money is a necessity and helps us to buy things we need but you shouldn’t always be chasing money.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about money and give it all away, what it is that you need to balance things in your life.

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7. We think the Universe owes us something.

Like, Mark Twain said: “The world doesn’t owe you anything. It was here first.” The universe is not entitled to give us something in return, and we aren’t doing a favor by existing in this world.

You need to work hard, pay your own bills and not wait for the universe to give a sign or wait for things to magically get better. So, to not suck, let’s make great things happen!

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8. We have discriminated and mistreated others.

Every day millions of people are discriminated against, based on their color, status or religion. As humans, we really suck that we practice intolerant behaviors and don’t respect others for their practices or beliefs. From judging others for what they wear, to what they do, or who they love, we make an issue out of everything. We love how they feel powerless by attacking them with hateful things.

One step of not sucking in life is to take a vow to be more open, educated and aware about things around us, to be less judgmental and not mistreat others.

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9. We are self-absorbed and narcissists.

Being confident is a great thing, it shapes our personality but what sucks is when we are so absorbed with ourselves that we don’t think about how others will feel. 

We tend to exploit others for our benefit, furthermore, we never admit that we’re wrong. The world is already a harsh place, so try being kind and help others. If you don’t want to suck in life, don’t be self-centered, be nice when you have to and always be honest.

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10. We’re rude to restaurant servers.

Going to a restaurant and the food was not okay? You call the server and shout at them. This might be an indicator that you clearly suck if you’re rude to them. People who serve you at restaurants are not your servants. So, if you misbehave with them you’re clearly the worst person ever.

Taking orders, setting up tables and bringing in food is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience. Here’s how you can be a better person – try not to be rude, be polite even if you don’t like the food and lastly, always tip!

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