What Make A Good Parent And Child Relationship

What Make A Good Parent And Child Relationship

Parenting is one of the important tasks which no one will teach you. Raising a child and teaching to be a good person by giving them their personal space. The first teacher of the children’s life is their parents.

Here are 9 tips to make a good parent and child relationship by the family counsellor and life coach Ritu Singal

1. Boost your child’s self-esteem

Children develop their sense of humor by the time when they are babies they see themselves through the eyes of their parents. Children understand the parent’s tone of voice, her body language, and all her expressions.

Praise for achievement, even it small, will make your children proud and help you to make a better relationship with child; allowing them to do things on their own will make them feel capable and strong. Conversely, demeaning comments or negative comparisons with other children will make them feel worthless.

Encourage your child from the beginning to their study, life goals etc. Give them practical example to motivate them.

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2. Acknowledge good deeds

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day you have negative reactions towards your children? You may find that you criticize them many more times than you congratulate them. Even if it was with good intentions, how will you feel if a senior treated you like this way?

The most positive approach is to acknowledge the good deeds of the children: “You made the bed without being asked, that’s great!” or “I was watching you while you were playing with your sister and you were very patient.” These comments will be much more effective in encouraging long term suitable behaviour for the good relationship between parents and child.

Aim to find something to praise every day. Be generous with the rewards – your love, hugs, and praise can do wonders and are often enough gratification.

3. Set limits to be consistent with discipline

Discipline is necessary for all houses. They may test the limits you set, but they are imperative for them to become responsible adults.

Little rules will not harm anything; rather it will help children to understand their expectations and self control with love.

Some rules may include, for example, not watching television until chores are done and not allowing hitting, name calling, or hurtful teasing.

4. Make time for your children

Time is most important to make a good parent-children relationship. It is often difficult for parents and children to get together for a family meal, or to think about spending quality time together.

Many parents find that it is rewarding to schedule a time to spend with their children.

Find other ways to relate, for example, put a note or something special in children’s lunch boxes.

5. Be a good role model

Young children are very sharp. The smaller they are, the more they reflect it to be. Before reacting aggressively or enraged in front of your child, think about: Is this how you want your child to behave in anger?

Be generous. Do things for others without expecting retribution. Express your appreciation and praise. Above all, treat your children in the same way that you expect other people to treat you.

Don’t be used abused language in front of your children, be polite. Comments such as “How stupid!” Choose the words carefully and be compassionate.

Parents are the first teacher of their children’s life.

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