How A Good Marriage Helps Heal Our Deepest Wounds

How A Good Marriage Helps Heal Our Deepest Wounds

And I give myself credit too, for doing the necessary work to heal from the negative self-image that plagued me for so many years. My life today hardly resembles the one of years ago. It is because of my growth, and many years of watching others transform, that I have such a strong conviction about recovery being a real possibility for all of us.

The process starts with believing that it is within reach. Once we have the conviction that our healing is in the realm of possibility, we can create agreements that will prompt us to adopt different patterns that free us from the old ones that kept us from thriving. Having a pure love from another moves us along the path in a way that no other remedy can rival. And once we feel more whole, we have so much more to give others.


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Nobody has a perfect relationship or a marriage, and it is impractical to even wish for one. Every marriage has its ups and downs, but how you navigate through those situations is what is going to make or break your marriage. Understanding your spouse’s difficulties, issues and troubles is what is going to ensure that your marriage sticks for a long time and you get to spend your entire lives together.

After all, mental health comes first.

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Written by Linda and Charlie Bloom
Originally appeared in Psychology today

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How A Good Marriage Helps Heal Our Deepest Wounds

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