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Good Fear, Bad Fear


3. Focus

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While awareness let’s “see” and identify what’s happening, focus let’s “harness” our energy to do something about it. The key with focus is that it requires banishing distraction. First becoming aware of it, then banishing it. But distraction feels good. It’s addictive. It releases dopamine, a chemical in our body that is released when we see something new (it’s meant to protect us by drawing our attention to a new threat). Similar to cocaine actually in the feel-good effects. And yet getting distracted hurts awareness. And if we’re not aware then we stay stuck, in that sticky safety of the known. Focus is connected to awareness because we need to be aware of that pull of distraction. But, we need the energy and strength to say “no” to it, to remain on task, to stay focused. Good ample energy, gives us willpower, to stay focused.


4. Change

And then things change. We see what’s going on. And then attack it with our focus. Raw clay goes from a blob of the earth to a functional teacup. It changes. An idea goes from an electrical impulse in the brain to a business plan. A bad habit goes from compulsion to freedom. We venture into the wide-open ocean with no land in sight. And we’re ok with it.

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Change for yourself, not for others. 

Embrace change and kill bad fear!

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