Good Fear, Bad Fear


4. Change

And then things change. We see what’s going on. And then attack it with our focus. Raw clay goes from a blob of the earth to a functional teacup. It changes. An idea goes from an electrical impulse in the brain to a business plan. A bad habit goes from compulsion to freedom. We venture into the wide-open ocean with no land in sight. And we’re ok with it.

Change for yourself, not for others. 

Embrace change and kill bad fear!

    Ravinder Virdi
    Helping you get from where you are, to where you want to be is how I define my expertise in helping you dealing with life changes. Life coaching helps in an in-depth way that crosses all the contexts of your life. For example stress management, goal setting, and dealing with life changes are important in your personal life, your social life, and in public arenas. A life coach helps you, in just about any context, to do things like ... get unstuck, climb out of your box create healthy habits , have more fun ,unleash your creativity , improve your relationships ,connect to your life purpose and your inner passions , develop your leadership potential ,identify and reach your goals Helping you discover the answers you probably already have inside yourself. I may have strategies to help you to find resources in yourself, in your professional world, and in your community for the important answers you are looking for.
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