Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign

gods gift to each zodiac sign

4. Gods Gift to Cancer: Loyalty 

Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign
Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign


The fourth of zodiac signs, Cancer, is inspired by the Legend of the hero Hercules. The hero was summoned to help people get rid of a horrible snake monster with many heads, Lernaia Hydra. Hera, the all mighty Queen of Gods was jealous as Zeus cheated on her, giving birth to Hercules. To help Hydra kill Hercules, Hera summoned the King of Crabs (Cancer is the crab). Hercules managed to step on the crab killing him. However, Hera decided to honor the king of Crabs and made him a giant bright constellation.

The Gift of Gods to Cancer is loyalty.

They are extremely loyal to their friends, family and everything they hold sacred to them. Typical cancer tries his/her best to help as they give their best to all they love. This loyalty is some times blind and they may end up hurt but they are always rewarded at some point for their persistence.

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5. Gods Gift to Leo: Pride

Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign
Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign


The fifth of zodiac signs, Leo, is inspired by the Legend of Hercules’ very first labor. The capture and killing of the Nemean Lion which was terrorizing people. Hercules managed to defeat this powerful beast. He skinned the lion and wore it a cape. This impenetrable fur kept Hercules safe from blades and arrows.

The Gift of Gods to Leo is Pride.

The skin of the powerful Lion beast is a symbol of their pride. It cannot be penetrated by the arrows of unethical judgment or hideous words. The cape is a symbol of their royal origin. However, this is only a cape. Pride should come from within and not from anything external. They should realize that they are worthy, wise and good.

6. Gods Gift to Virgo: Adaptability 

Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign
Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign


The sixth of zodiac signs, Virgo, is inspired by the Legend of Persephone. She was the daughter of the Great Goddess of Earth, Demeter. Hades, the mighty kind of the Underworld, kidnapped Persephone and married her. However, Demeter was so devastated that she asked Zeus, to bring her back. Zeus, Hades, and Demeter decided that for 6 months Persephone would be on the Earth, and for the other 6 months (from Autumn equinox to Spring equinox) to the Underworld.

The Gift of Gods to Virgo is Adaptability.

Persephone, the beautiful wife of King Hades and Queen of the Underworld is half a year on earth and the other half in the Underworld. This shows the adaptability of Virgo. You can put them even in the Underworld and still find a way to live as Queens (and Kings of course). Of course, it doesn’t come easy but they will manage it! However, they should always remember who they are, and not lost track of their higher purpose.

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7. Gods Gift to Libra: Justice 

Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign
Gods Gift To Each Zodiac Sign


The seventh of zodiac signs, Libra, is inspired by the wise goddess of Justice, Themis (or her daughter, Dike, who was one of the Three Graces, the personification of good Judgement.

Libra, is a pair of golden – highly accurate – scales, which measured the Graces and the Sins of Humans (and more…). The Scales symbolize Karma which is always the balanced repercussion of our every deed.

The Gift of Gods to Libra is Justice.

All who are born under the influence of Libra have an instinctive tendency to judge fair all but themselves. They are very strict with themselves with no indulgence for them. This is probably why they are such great judges to others. This amazing ability gives them all they need to understand the ways social work and evolve higher as possible towards ultimate success.

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