Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

 August 25, 2017

Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

The Gift of Gods to Capricorn is Success and abundance. However, this does not come easy. We have to work and give our best in order to succeed – at least this is how Capricorn see it. They believe that true success comes from hard work and sacrifices. What if you don’t have to work that hard? Maybe you can combine business with pleasure. Don’t lose yourself only to discover one day you’ve become a bright star. Remember! The Journey is more important than the destination!  


Gods Gift to Aquarius: Uniqueness


The eleventh of Zodiac Signs, Aquarius, is inspired by the beautiful young prince named Ganymedes. He was so handsome that even Zeus, the mighty King of Gods could not resist his beauty and grace. He sent his beloved Eagle to take him and bring him to mount Olympus, where Olympians dwelled. Zeus was really fond of Ganymedes so he assigned him the divine task of pouring in the cup Zeus and the other gods, the drink of eternal youth – nectar (see here what is nectar and how to create it according to Hindu tradition).

The Gift of Gods to Aquarius is this amazing Uniqueness. Furthermore, their peculiarity is so interesting like they do not belong to Earth. Ganymedes, the Cup-bearer is so unique that he becomes a possible lover to Zeus with no complaints to Hera (?). No matter the sex life of Ganymedes, the story clearly implies, that from all Human World, Zeus picked him (!) because of his uniqueness. However, this uniqueness can some times cause them troubles (like being kidnapped by a giant eagle for example??) or isolate them as they rarely feel that they belong to this Earth.  


Gods Gift to Pisces: Fantasy


The twelfth of Zodiac Signs, Pisces, is inspired by the scary story of a giant demon called Typhoon. While this monster was chasing after the Olympians, they instinctively transformed into animals in order to save themselves until Zeus, the king of Gods beat him. When Typhoon was chasing Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Passion, and Beauty) and her son Eros (God of Love and Passion) they transformed into two fishes and swam different directions.

The Gift of Gods to Pisces is Fantasy. As Aphrodite and her son Eros thought of becoming fishes – and they succeeded – so can all who are born under the influence of Pisces reach for their dreams. They have an amazing ability to create illusions – this is why they are so enchanting! However, there is a difference between Fantasy and Visualisation. While the first can be self-destructive, the last one can be really creative. Both forces are in them. Sometimes, their vision can help them reach their goals while other times their fantasies lead them to traps!  

Source: Magicalrecipesonline.com


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Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

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