Are You Giving Too Much In A Relationship? The Only Way Out

Giving Too Much In A Relationship

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When you make plans to change your life and appreciate your worth, your boyfriend/girlfriend will see they are losing something valuable to them.

Although they did not give back, they enjoyed the constant pampering and attention. Since you woke to the truth, they know the “hard love” is about to end. They will try every tactic to get you to stay, not to be a better person, but to enjoy even more undeserved kindnesses. The only way to end this thing is to rip it away like a band-aid.

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It Will Not Be Easy

Your ex-partner will still try to win your back, now with gifts and consideration-not to mention pampering of their own! The real strength comes when you refuse to accept these ploys and move on. There are rare exceptions where people change, but most of the time, a person’s character is just what it is-a a permanent part of their mindset. It’s best to leave the past in the past and move on to those who WILL appreciate your giving spirit.


It All Boils Down To This

Giving is love. To give to others out of the kindness of your heart is to make someone’s day, week, or month better than it was before. It seems that we would naturally return the giving and become a society of kind people. We are not all the same, but it wouldn’t be right if we were. The key is to find someone who feels the same way about giving as you do, and that will have eliminated the unnecessary heartbreak of unreciprocated kindness.

Practice giving and loving with your whole heart. Anyone can learn to be a truly kind person if they want.


Are you giving too much in relationships? Are you ready to break the pattern? Let me know in the comments.

Giving Too Much In A Relationship

Giving Too Much In A Relationship pin

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