Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

Accepting what is, does not mean stagnation.

Accepting what is, gives life room to happen through us and I have no doubt, life has an essence I am seeking far greater than the roles I wrap around my own self image. Life will guide us into ourselves when we give ourselves permission to let it do its thing, witnessing our tantrums of how it’s supposed to look.

We are supported.

We will not get to where we want to go by resisting the illusion that we are not yet there.

Accept your creation so that you may create again when you feel up for releasing the swing you’ve been considering to be your salvation as you hold tight, frantically waiting to see the next one. We don’t have to see it. Just release so life can do its thing through you, and conspire not for, but with your highest good, on your behalf. Release, accept, surrender.

This is the sequence for finding ourselves through the mirrors of life. When we do this, a new landscape of mirrors reflect back at us and I assure you, they will be much more beautiful than the images we conjured up in our egos.

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