Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

We are hard-pressed, once we learn the intellectual aspect of infinite possibilities, to achieve our highest life potential Give Yourself Permission.

It just makes sense. It’s obvious it can be done because an internal knowing feels that those who’ve reached themselves, have done so, with a gift or a silver platter that we ourselves have yet to come across in our own lives to the extent that those who have mastered the present have.

Secretly, we also know that it is only ourselves that can present the gift of our highest self to the world.

Our masters can’t do it for us. Sometimes we’re even pissed that they found it first, or that they share the same wisdoms we have found within ourselves, with the world. The journey’s of our teachers are inspiring and sometimes provocative in our hidden resistances to their achievements. It feels magical, it looks magical, and it’s the roller coaster ride of a lifetime to explore the depths of ourselves and extend who we are into a physical expression we call life.

We see, we learn, we believe the possibility of who we can be is possible to implement in the external world. We level up. Level up again, and still, feel so far out of reach some days.

The spaces between levels always come with a very quiet pause. Using the metaphor of the split second that a trapeze swinger must dedicate to releasing the swing, in perfect timing to grab the swing coming toward them, my sister likened it to where we both are in life. In between the release and the next grab, is the pause.

The pause is the surrender to the air around us. It’s an inhale that requires a trust so great, we can hear ourselves reminding us to breathe in the quiet of it, suspended in air, supported by God.

Each suspension teaches us a great lesson. One that takes the intellect out of what we know and seeps it into our cells and slaps us with the experience of that which we know, and are called to practice at a higher vibration than we’ve had to practice it before. Often it looks worse but feels better than the last time we leveled up.

The more trust we have in the suspension we’re in, strangely, the more opportunity there is to freak out about the fact that though we don’t know what’s next, our foundation is not under our feet in a level we once knew, we are floating on air to get to somewhere great with no idea how. These days though, we’re not totally freaking out about it. At all.

We freak out about not freaking out. We freak out about being supported by the miraculous charge we watch our masters float through life on.

I’m trusting this pause, and the words that it says are clear: appreciate this. Now.

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