We are hard pressed, once we learn the intellectual aspect of infinite possibilities, to achieve our highest life potential. It just makes sense. It’s obvious it can be done because an internal knowing feels that those who’ve reached themselves, have done so, with a gift or a silver platter that we ourselves have yet to come across in our own lives to the extent that those who have mastered the present have.

Secretly, we also know that it is only ourselves that can present the gift of our highest self to the world. Our masters can’t do it for us. Sometimes we’re even pissed that they found it first, or that they share the same wisdoms we have found within ourselves, with the world. The journey’s of our teachers are inspiring and sometimes provocative in our hidden resistances to their achievements. It feels magical, it looks magical, and it’s the roller coaster ride of a lifetime to explore the depths of ourselves and extend who we are into a physical expression we call life.

We see, we learn, we believe the possibility of who we can be is possible to implement in the external world. We level up. Level up again, and still, feel so far out of reach some days.

The spaces between levels always come with a very quiet pause. Using the metaphor of the split second that a trapeze swinger must dedicate to releasing the swing, in perfect timing to grab the swing coming toward them, my sister likened it to where we both are in life. In between the release and the next grab, is the pause.

The pause is the surrender to the air around us. It’s an inhale that requires a trust so great, we can hear ourselves reminding us to breathe in the quiet of it, suspended in air, supported by God.

Each suspension teaches us a great lesson. One that takes the intellect out of what we know and seeps it into our cells and slaps us with the experience of that which we know, and are called to practice at a higher vibration than we’ve had to practice it before. Often it looks worse, but feels better than the last time we leveled up.

The more trust we have in the suspension we’re in, strangely, the more opportunity there is to freak out about the fact that though we don’t know what’s next, our foundation is not under our feet in a level we once knew, we are floating on air to get to somewhere great with no idea how. These days though, we’re not totally freaking out about it. At all.

We freak out about not freaking out. We freak out about being supported by the miraculous charge we watch our masters float through life on.

I’m trusting this pause, and the words that it says are clear: appreciate this. Now.

It is in the surrender to this, the release of resistance, that moves the process linearly, rather than connecting jagged lines tailored in resistance and acceptance, resistance and acceptance. We resist life taking us to new levels because we’re afraid of the suspension.

Freaking out has been a motivator for me for years so, who am I if I’m not freaking out about having no idea when to grab the next swing? Won’t I be stagnant? If I just accept this life as it is, if I am not always striving in the physical for something more, I may die in the first house I bought and that would be lame.

A friend from my hometown told me he sees people from our high school around town. He feels bad for them, that they settled, that they’re still there, that they never “became” themselves fully realized. Intellectually and spiritually, it’s obvious to me that anyone can be free, happy to choose their lives and they may be wise enough to know that wherever you go, there you are. Them, not leaving our hometown, does not in any way hinder the process of their souls evolution. Except, energetically, I’m being asked to accept in myself, what my friend is judging others for. I’m being asked to accept the life I have now. Period.

My ego bucks: “Why would I accept anything less than my highest potential?”

This moment wants me to bask in it, suspend my judgment that enjoying it at this level, means it’s over, or I’ll never level up, or I’ll never get a new house, or any other limitation I put on myself when I realize my primary motivator: freaking the fuck out in order to generate a serious change in my life, is gone. I’ve leveled up to trust the suspension periods between levels of peeling my onion of a soul.

Visioning and gratitude have always gone hand in hand for me. Visioning got me very, very far. As did gratitude. Right now, I’m being asked to suspend my visions for my highest potential. I’m being asked to fill the roles my life plays with love and float in God’s blanket. Period. I’m being asked to stop striving and see clearly what I have created.

The most important component to this is that what is being asked of me, is only being asked, not so I can remain stagnant, settle, and learn another lesson about gratitude and acceptance. It’s clear to me that this is being asked of me as an experiential lesson that wants to seep into my bones about surrendering in the suspension, so that in perfect time, clear vision will take a hold of me, not as if I were my personality, but as if I were my highest potential and the exact moment to grab that next swing will be shown to me. Then, I will have leveled up by the grace of God.

In terms of soul work, giving ourselves permission to not be exactly where we want to be, is the key, to getting where we want to go. The release of resistance that is required from that statement is a breath of fresh air to the evolution of our soul. It wants to breathe.

It’s obvious that a way will be shown. It always is. On a cellular level for me, it’s becoming more and more obvious that I don’t need to freak out about the timing of it because I’m supported by a blanket of guides, and gods and goddesses in the quiet pause that are teaching me to accept this now because one day, when I have surrendered in grace enough to grab a hold of my next right and perfect swing in life, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this. After all. I created this. We all did. We created where we are, and at one point for whatever reason, we wanted it.

Giving up resistance to resistance itself feels like life pulled the rug out from under us, but secretly, it’s giving life room to build a new ideal foundation under our feet while we wade in the sea of its heavenly suspension. Giving ourselves permission to accept the possibility that we may never be where we want to go in life, frees us up from the ties that tell us we cannot be present or happy, until…

It releases us from the bondage of a limited image that we conjure up as to what’s possible for us while guiding us into a kingdom of peace that sees that what we’ve been looking for, is right in front of our face. Always was. Until we accept this reality, we cannot change it.

Accepting what is, does not mean stagnation. Accepting what is, gives life room to happen through us and I have no doubt, life has an essence I am seeking far greater than the roles I wrap around my own self image. Life will guide us into ourselves when we give ourselves permission to let it do its thing, witnessing our tantrums of how it’s supposed to look.

We are supported.

We will not get to where we want to go by resisting the illusion that we are not yet there.

Accept your creation so that you may create again when you feel up for releasing the swing you’ve been considering to be your salvation as you hold tight, frantically waiting to see the next one. We don’t have to see it. Just release so life can do its thing through you, and conspire not for, but with your highest good, on your behalf. Release, accept, surrender.

This is the sequence for finding ourselves through the mirrors of life. When we do this, a new landscape of mirrors reflect back at us and I assure you, they will be much more beautiful than the images we conjured up in our egos.

Written By Empoweress