How To Give Every Zodiac Sign A Proper Apology

Even the strongest of relationships can be shadowed by an unintended rude statement or a fight over small little things. For many, forgiveness does not come easily but there are also some people who don’t like to keep resentments for too long. It is certain that astrology can help us find out how each person will react to different apologies according to their zodiac signs. Maybe you want to apologize or maybe you just want to know for how long your partner will stay mad at you, we may have the answer to this based on the personality traits of each zodiac sign.

Here’s how to get on with each zodiac sign, after you had a quarrel or a fight. 

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Give them a straightforward apology.

Don’t beat around the bush with forthright Aries. Ask for their forgiveness, admit your wrongdoing, and promise to never commit the same mistake again. Stick to your word, because Aries has no tolerance for broken promises. Don’t wait for a “good time” to apologize, because the Ram will jump right back into the dating pool. A public apology may be in order if you’ve wounded this lover’s ego. But don’t worry, Aries can be quick to anger but they are also quick to forgive.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Give them the “you were right” apology.

Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. They have the tendency to hold grudges. If the two of you have had a fight, you need to admit that your lover was right in the first place. Until you do, your conversations will remain stalled. It’s also good to craft a plan that will help you deal with future conflicts in a constructive, healthy way. That way, you will ease the fears of your security-conscious lover. They eventually forgive but you have to go through a lot to get there.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Give a swift apology.

Send a funny note of apology. Nothing breaks down Gemini’s reserve like humor. If you’ve made a serious error, write a heartfelt letter asking for your lover’s forgiveness and send it overnight express. This sign admires swift, decisive action, and won’t wait by the phone for your call. If you really want to smooth things over with this lover, you’ve got to communicate. Otherwise, Gemini will sense you are holding something back.

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4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Give a sensitive and genuine apology.

Making up with Cancer requires patience, delicacy, and tact. The Crab’s feelings are easily bruised. Don’t make light of your mistakes, and never tease them about theirs. Telling this sign that you can’t live without their love will usually do the trick. If Cancer still pouts after your apology, fix a home-cooked meal and fuss over their welfare. Make more time for this lover, and listen attentively to their concerns. They definitely want to forgive you, you just need to prove that you are worthy of their forgiveness.

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Give them an apology full of compliments. 

Leos cannot stand one thing and that is when someone breaks their pride. In this case, flattery will get you everywhere with Leo. Apologize profusely for your misdeeds, and declare that you don’t deserve their love. Showering this sign with gourmet chocolates and hothouse flowers can also do this trick. Lions love lavish tributes. Make a greater effort to be worthy of their love by dressing well. When Leo sees that you’re trying hard to earn their affection, they’ll let you back into their life. Remember they can be ice cold, so you need to burn yourself to break that ice, well not literally I mean.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Give them an apology by cleaning up your act. 

Clean up your language. Virgo can’t stand swears and curses. Bone up on your etiquette. Knowing the proper thing to do will melt the Virgin’s reserve. Be on time, and tidy up your home. Being the most practical of all, Virgos don’t hold grudges unnecessarily. This sign will be far more likely to accept your apology if you clean up your act and goes about it sincerely. If you want to make a peace offering, choose a good book. Virgo doesn’t like emotional appeals; they prefer dealing with problems on a logical front.

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