Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based on Their Zodiac Signs)

Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best (Based on Their Zodiac Signs)


7. LEO

(July 23rd- August 22nd; Fire)

(This is one of the mellower fire signs)
She will want to expect everything romantic and have expectations from you that will be very hard to meet. But once you are in, however, she will show you she loves you all the time, so expressiveness is never a problem. She would expect the same from you.
Some people have said how Leos like the idea of “saving” bad boys that how they have a minor Messiah complex. But that is more of an Aries thing.



(January 20th- February 18th; Water)

She is like the flowing water as her zodiac sign represents, independent and flowing to an impulsive and often irrational level. She may not be dependent on you for much of her emotional needs but ironically she will be fiercely loyal. One more thing, she will need constant assurances that she too is worth your loving.



(May 21st- June 21st; Air)

Like the twins she is represented by, always expect two sides of the coin when it comes to Gemini. One would be her highly social and fun side and the other, private and pessimistic side. Acceptance of both sides of her personality and for her totality is what wins her heart. Also, second chances are rare.



(September 23rd- October 22nd; Air)

Again, like the scales of justice she is represented by, she will be just and honest. Conflicts are not her thing; this makes things a little difficult because even if she does think you did something amiss, she won’t be the one pointing things out. Communication, as usual, is the key. Because of her personality, she will attract a lot of people. Jealousy on your side will be harmful to your relationship, but then again that is true for any sign/relationship.



(December 22nd- January 19th; Earth)

Capricorns are perfectionists. They expect perfect relationships too, which like the Sasquatch/Yeti are impossible and imaginary notions. When something goes amiss you can expect a bit of domineering, but she will also make up for it by making it clear that you don’t deserve such bad treatment. Why we have ranked her so high is for her ability to defend you, through everything.



(February 19th- March 20th; Water)

Like the fish she is represented by, she will be a bit on the guarded/reserved side in the relationship. However, at the same time, she cherishes your confidence and will guard your secrets with her life. She will sacrifice what it takes to be your best friend. And she will be one of the most supportive people you will have met.



(November 22nd- December 21st; Fire)

She will be insecure and self-critical but rarely extend the same criticism to you. She will continuously motivate you to achieve higher which is probably the best thing you can ask for. Endearingly she will be of the generous type.
She will consciously think she is not doing her best in the relationship but at the same time, she might or might not do anything to remedy it.


Now, remember this like writing on stone: THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS to everything and zodiac signs are especially tricky.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid contradicting elements like Fire-Water/ Earth-Air, but that too is complicated. Air is normally compatible with all signs and at the same time, certain fire signs like Leo are mellow and can easily have lasting relationships with Water signs, while certain water signs like Scorpio have tempers hotter than live coals.

Zodiac signs are not even the tips of the icebergs. No sign can tell you enough about a person, what their life has been or what experiences shaped them.

Talk, get to know the person and more importantly think. Rushing impulsively in matters of love based on something as complicated as zodiac signs is really one of the worst things to do.

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