To The Girl Who Thinks She Is Unlovable

Girl Who Thinks She Unlovable

He would brush off the matter every time she spoke about her problems and told her that she was over-thinking. She was called crazy by a man who drove her to be crazy.

He always tried to make it look like she wasn’t grateful enough to have him. He wanted her to treat him like a treasure while he continued you treat her like a stone lying on the pavement.

She loved her man who made living hard:

She once loved a man who never bothered to show her the bright side of life. Instead, he made her feel like life was just a tough race which she had to get through.

She stopped looking forward to the next day. She stopped doing things that made her happy because she was made to feel like a fool for even finding them interesting in the first place.

He was so determined to manipulate her emotionally into doing things that he even stopped considering her likes and dislikes.

She once loved her man who made her pay for loving him:

She fell in love with someone who made her feel like she needed to pay a certain price just because she was head over heels for him. That’s the worst that can happen to someone.

He didn’t miss a chance to make her feel like she was a joke. Be in front of her friends or his friends. Cracking a light joke here and it is fine. But he didn’t just stop there.

He would make her the topic of everyone’s laughter until it got humiliating. The sad part is, he never felt like it was wrong for doing so.

He was so selfish that her happiness never really mattered to her. He just wanted to be the centre of her universe and wanted her to constantly revolve around him. He wanted her to completely forget where she came from and what she wanted out of her life.

If you could relate to the things written above, I want to take out the time today and apologize to you. I swear to the lord, you deserve all the love in the world.

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I know it gets tough for you, but please know that when the right time comes, you’ll have a certain someone who will make you believe in love all over again and this time you won’t feel unlovable or dumb for loving him.

And lastly, you deserve the best of beauty, my warrior.

You yourself as much as anybody
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A Message For The Girl Who Thinks She Is The Unlovable One
A Message For The Girl Who Thinks She Is The Unlovable One
Girl Who Thinks She Unlovable Pin
To The Girl Who Thinks She Is Unlovable
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