9 Signs of A Gifted Woman and The Challenges She Faces

signs of a gifted woman

4. Managing your energy levels, channeling and focusing your emotional, intellectual and physical intensities. Reaching the ‘flow state’ in order to maximise productivity.

5. Healing from the developmental trauma that comes from being different whilst growing up, and loneliness of never feeling belonged.

6. Managing expectations from others, contributing to the world without being taken advantage of. Setting healthy boundaries at home and at work.

7. Defusing toxic envy, resentment, schadenfreude, and attacks from others. Not only your peers, but your bosses, managers, and superiors may feel threatened by you. You may also have novel approaches to things that others are not ready to hear or work for, thus attracting rejection and resentment.

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The World Needs You To Be You

The world desperately needs you to step up. Not only that hiding and shrinking would make you feel sick and congested, you playing small does not serve the world.  Being gifted doesn’t make you arrogant. It simply means that you are different. It is neither positive nor negative, and it does not make life any easier than others. After all, when you are given the capacities, you are also given the responsibility to manifest them.

Power is strength and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not the eyes of another. If a person has power, as women do, and she doesn’t use it, power will sit within her and have no place to focus. It is then that power becomes twisted and evil. It can turn against the person who has called it.  (Flight of the Seventh Moon, 1984)

The eminent women had a sense of individuality in their lifestyles. They chose partners who value their goals and see them as equals. They combine their career and family- if they want one, conventional or unconventional – in creative ways. They have all fallen in love with an idea. 

Researcher Barbara Kerr has identified key themes in the lives of eminent women that have contributed to their achievements:

  • Voracious reading and learning.
  • Ability to be alone.
  • Willingness to be different.
  • A corresponding acceptance of being special.
  • High aspirations. 

‘Most of these women who fell in love with an idea and through their passion, emotional intensity, excitability, and high energy levels were able to succeed at what they loved to do while enduring adversity and overcoming obstacles set in their path.’ – Leonie Kronberg, in her study of Australian eminent women

In order to step onto the path of becoming eminent, we need to address and work through the various external and internal barriers that have held the gifted women back. The truth is, the world has been deprived of the talent and creativity of half its population for far too long. Young girls need their role models to step up and show them the way. You cannot make changes- inside and outside of you- without stepping up to your full capacity. 

Written By Imi Lo 
Originally Appeared In Eggshell Therapy
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