You Get To Read What I Reveal

You Get To Read What I Reveal
Rinku Shah

You get to read what I reveal,
The rest I conceal.
Impossible to fathom what each holds,
Stories the book of life enfolds!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Writing down a piece of my life,
Filled with lots of internal strife,
Twists and turns galore,
Sounds like a folklore,
A huge audience of one,
My diary, Why share all the fun?

Sarrvesh Waran

Writing his head out.
From the inside out.
Turning the pages of his mind,
Ineffable things he finds.
An adventure each day.
And he writes them everyday.
Some are weird, some are gay.
However, he writes them anyway…

M Jeyaram

Between reading and writing
is born my own world
where I grow up
struggling to compromise
between reality and creativity.

Rinku Shah

Precious thoughts,
I can pen down lots.
Take your time to read,
Pay heed
To what I don’t write,
Everything is not black and white!

Shilpa Patel

Sharing your knowledge
will always enrich humanity.

Sherry Greene

Out with the old thoughts.
In with the new!

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