Why get hurt by someone again and again

Why get hurt by someone again and again

Why waste your time getting hurt over and over by the same person when there’s someone better out there, who’s waiting to make you smile.

10 thoughts on “Why get hurt by someone again and again”

  1. I Think We Need To Get Good With US, And Go On For Awhile [As Though] We Would Never Find Romantic Love… And, Then That Will Be The Time That We’re Actually READY & Healthy Enough To Want- But Not NEED A(nother) In Our Lives. To Want Is Healthy, To Desperately Need, Is Not And Will Likely Not Endure, Because Need Begets Need, But Want, Now That’s Just A Real Healthy Choice! Just My Humble Thoughts… DJ~

    1. We need things too. We cannot deprive ourselves. I understand what you mean by desperately (as well) … and that is when we tend to hold onto that toxic person. I think it’s healthy to need people. We are social animals. DESPERATELY … not so much. Desperation definitely points to a deficiency in our core (IMHO).

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