8 Ways To Get A Narcissist To Leave You Alone

 July 01, 2019

ways to get a narcissist to leave you alone


So How To Get A Narcissist To Leave You Alone?

So all these sounds pretty claustrophobic doesn’t it? But fear not. If you’re in such a situation, you can always carve a way out of this misery.

1. Peace Out

Probably the best way to avoid direct conflict with a potential narcissist. Allow them to realize their mistake by themselves. Now you’d probably think that there’s no point in experimenting with this idea, since they’d keep advocating such behaviors. But here’s the point. The more you go on a head on clash with them, the more they’d turn violent, making things all the more worse. So if you want to preserve the relationship, just yield to their egotistic arguments. Let them blabber, don’t go against them. In time, you’ll find some diminishing trends in their aggressive behaviors.


2. Suggest, Don’t Order

Suppose you want them to work on their narcissism by meditating each day. But the question is, how do you convince them? The moment you put forward your advice, they’d bring forth their baseless arguments to the table. So it is suggested that you suggest them in a very subtle way, so that they don’t realize that they’re being advised a treatment. This would reduce the chances of your ideas getting bounced back.


3. Don’t Respond With Emotion

When you realize the conversation is getting heated up, just become aware of the situation and get a hold of your emotions. You have to make sure that your feelings don’t get apparent to the narcissist. Else you’d end up helping them fuel the negative atmosphere. When you remain emotionally indifferent and stoic, they can find no room for inserting their narcissistic claws. Keep in mind that the person you’re dealing with is emotionally unstable and that you’re just helping them to overcome the aliment by maneuvering your emotional output.


4. Shift The Center Of Attention To Yourself

As explained earlier, narcissists tend to think that the world revolves around them. Break this perception in a subtle way. Reply to their messages, but after hours, or even days. Respond to their calls and beckoning, but occasionally. Show them that you have engagements other than being with them. Make them realize that people have their individual lives and that exercising control over them is not only bad, but that it also violates human rights. This would surely help you to maintain the relationship, as well keep yourself away from the radiating negativity.


5. Compliment Them For No Reason

You can gather the idea that this would only fuel their ego. But don’t get it wrong. While you’re being suggested to keep away from narcissistic arguments, it is equally important to create an indirect wall of defense against these people. How? Well, narcissists no doubt love themselves. They seek compliments all the time. You showering them with compliments would reduce the chance of them feeling ignored and thus, the likelihood of an upcoming ugly fight. This false complementing can fend off the potential arguments that can come as a result of them feeling not getting acknowledged enough.

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