25 Genuine Signs Of An INFJ Personality Type

Signs Of INFJ Personality Type

22. They are grounded 

INFJs do not get easily influenced by others’ opinions. They know how they should behave and act based on their own beliefs and core values. They know how to lead their lives and what to expect from others. No one can hold an INFJ back when they are determined to get something.

23. They look at the bigger picture

Individuals with INFJ personality are aware of the greater things in life. Instead of seeking immediate gratification, they look at the bigger picture in every situation. They accept whatever life gives them as they believe it will lead them to their life’s purpose. However, this can make them more future-oriented and miss out on the beauty of the present moment.

24. They have a great understanding of language

INFJs are gifted in language. Writing is their preferred mode of communication as a lot of things are often left unsaid when speaking. Writing allows them to creatively express themselves without being negative. They often become successful writers due to their flair for writing. INFJs tend to avoid talking, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

25. They despise conflict 

INFJs are calm and peaceful individuals who avoid interpersonal conflict. They find conflict personally disturbing and stressful. They can often be affected by the conflict even hours after it is over. Thinking about conflict can even affect their mental and physical health. But that doesn’t mean an INFJ will not take their stand simply to avoid conflict. They know how to set healthy boundaries and stand up for themselves.

How many of these signs can you relate with? 

Do you think you’re an INFJ? These traits will help you identify your own uniqueness, understand yourself better and shine.

People with INFJ personality types are complicated, compassionate, and intuitive individuals who have their own unique strengths and shortcomings.

If you are an INFJ, then you are rare. Appreciate yourself and stay beautiful. Because you make the world a better place.

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