25 Genuine Signs Of An INFJ Personality Type

Signs Of INFJ Personality Type

8. They have a strong need to be alone 

They love being alone & are happy about it. Being introverts, they value their personal space and time as it allows them to recharge & enjoy their own company. They often withdraw from crowds to assess their relationships and friendships.

9. Curiosity drives their intellect

INFJs are curious about new ideas and concepts. They like to learn, talk and discuss various topics like science, religion, psychology, psychics and philosophy. Learning is their drug of choice.

10. They prefer meaningful close bonds over causal connections

INFJs are reserved people who seek meaningful bonds and strong connections in life. Although shy, they build intimate relationships & close friendships that last a lifetime.

11. They know how to stand their ground

Being polite and empathetic, many people misunderstand them as push-overs. But INFJs are assertive and decisive individuals with strong beliefs who are always focused on their goals.

12. Their charisma makes them super attractive

INFJs are naturally smart and charismatic people who know exactly what to say to make people feel happy and at ease. Their natural charm, impressive wit and sense of humor make them appear attractive and desirable.

13. They are are motivated by ideas, not money

Individuals with INFJ personality prefer careers that are inspiring and add value to their personal goals. Money is rarely a motivator for INFJs. They love creative and idea-centric careers that allow them to contribute to the community.

14. They wear their heart on their sleeves

INFJs are emotional individuals who can be hilarious or cry their hearts out based on their feelings at the moment. They can be calm or overactive depending on who they are with. INFJs are filled with emotions.

15. Passion dominates their world

People belonging to this personality type are extremely passionate about everything they do. They are always focused on achieving the desired outcome irrespective of the effort required. Their passion often makes them ignore their own well being which leaves them exhausted. However, their passion is inspiring for others.

16. They are creative 

This rare personality type thrives on creative self-expression. For INFJs, art is a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. Creativity, whether through painting, writing or dancing, makes them feel happy and fulfilled.

17. They can be the best counselors

Due to their warm, compassionate and intuitive nature, people find it easy to share their problems and secrets with INFJs. Being empathic, they not only give helpful advice and guidance, but also protect the secrets shared by others. 

18. They have a rich inner world

Although they may seem shy or reserved, INFJs can be rather humorous, mischievous, daring and even controversial. They have a playful and imaginative inner world that allows them to explore new ideas, theories, possibilities and connections.

19. They often feel they don’t belong in this world

As they are unique and rare, people with INFJ personality often have a hard time adjusting with others. Most people tend to misunderstand them due to their unique traits. This is why they often feel like outsiders who are different from everyone around them. And this makes INFJs feel lonely.

20. Helping others is an instinct

INFJs are drawn towards people who need help and protection. Being extremely empathetic souls, they gravitate towards people who need to be rescued. They love to compassionately help and heal others as they only see the good in people. But this makes INFJs the favorite targets of narcissists and sociopaths.

21. They work best when alone

Although INFJs can easily connect with others, they like to work alone without any interference. Working alone allows them to tap into their creativity and do their best work. They are also very analytical who may work with a small group of trusted people.

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