The Generating Guilt – A Dangerous Mind Game

The Generating Guilt - a Dangerous Mind Game

There is an important maxim that applies to that effort: every step in the right direction takes us closer to our own center. It means that moments add up and reinforce each other.

There are inevitable occasions when one temporarily drops back into the Ego-dominated state, and these cases are also followed by a sense of guilt. Once we have understood the mechanism of the emergence of guilt, and bear in mind what has been discussed above, we need to realize that in such instances guilt is not justified!

On our spiritual journey, we should not dwell on the guilt emerging because of dropping back to the Ego-dominated state; instead, we should celebrate that we are in the state of the Presence!!

When one is able to rejoice about these moments, instead of worrying about the next possible drop back, then the positive periods will be more and more frequent in our lives. We, therefore, need to be patient with ourselves, and look upon our sense of guilt as Witnesses!

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By Frank M. Wanderer

About the Author

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D. is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer, and publisher of several books on consciousness. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence and the work of the human mind, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness. Connect with Frank at

Note: The above passage is excerpted from Chapter 4 of The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games? by Frank M. Wanderer.

The Generating Guilt - a Dangerous Mind Game pin
The Generating Guilt – a Dangerous Mind Game
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