The Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

the game of thrones house you belong to based on your zodiac sign

5. LEO (JULY 23- AUGUST 22)

the game of thrones house leo

House Lannister

For you, life is a contest and you live by the proverb, “He who dies with the most toys wins”. You are blessed with all the wonderful toys we can think about- brains, beauty, riches and power. They are super ambitious and aren’t afraid to go out there and get what they want. They know that everything good comes with a prize and are always willing to pay it.

One thing that is darn sure about Leo is that they are very ambitious. You cannot even comprehend how ambitious they are. They will just walk over you if there is a need to. They are all passionate and have great new ideas to work on but then their competitive nature rules them and makes them mean people.



the game of thrones house virgo

House Stark

Just like a fellow Virgo, loyalty, honor, truth and hard work are the defining characteristics of House Stark. In the cold, harsh and unforgiving world, you are an upholder of hope and humanity. Your sigil, a dire wolf, represents your courageous soul. You face life with bravery, but a lack of subtlety and common sense. Nevertheless, what’s lacking in your scheming capabilities, you make up with your heroic heart, which is universally loved.

You want everything to be in order. And you want everyone to be prepared for things that are going to happen. When people haven’t even thought about imminent danger, you have practically prepared for it thoroughly.


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the game of thrones house libra

House Tyrell

Talking of Libra, the first qualities that come to mind are charm and grace, and the house that best represents these traits is House Tyrell. House Tyrell is may seem all about beauty and gracefulness, but deep down they are a gritty lot, so don’t underestimate them. They know the power of benevolence and a charming smile, which ensures they have a host of allies by their side. Their road to success is never by force; they have smarter plans to get things done, but make it seem so easy.

They believe in justice and aren’t scared of confronting a character like Joffrey if need be.



the game of thrones house scorpio

House Baelish

House Baelish with the motto “Knowledge is power” has an insatiable thirst for greater knowledge (read secrets) and power. But they don’t know where to draw the line. And that makes them dangerous. They can be your good friend but if you offend them they won’t think twice before plotting revenge. Sounds familiar? Had they not been so greedy, they would’ve made respected intellectuals. But they are cunning opportunists who have an inherent capability to understand and exploit human conditions for their own good.

The way Scorpios are depends on the day you meet them. On a good day, you will like them because they are witty and entertaining. But on a bad day, you will find them doing the worst things possible. They are kind of jealous and sometimes even violent as well.


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