The Word Was GAMBLE
Our Favorite Five Submissions 

By Kristine Mae Reyes


 Winner takes all. Sweepstakes high stakes. Look around you.

See that gentleman in the ruffled suit? He’s been here all day hoping for luck. That girl over there? The one in the red dress? Her stakes have come and gone. Those men at the poker table?

All desperate for a win. Everyone in the room is hustling, placing bets in uncertainty. Thinking the roulette will save the day and the dice will keep rolling. But no, all of them?

They are missing the point. You see, life is riddled with chances, choices, roads winding into different paths. They don’t see that we are all players for little do they know that life in itself too, is the greatest gamble of all.

By Eric Coudriet 


 Her life has been a gamble since she was just a child. She has had to gamble on where she stood with her mother and siblings. As she got older the gamble was with her friends whether they were real or fake. And now as a young woman, she gambled on the men in her life who said they loved her only to let her down and break her heart !! 

Now as a mother that has been dealt a bad hand most of her life and she has worked so very hard had to struggled on her own to take care of herself and her children all alone. She has been alone for so long and has kept herself away and her heart hidden from the one thing that could bring happiness into her life. Is to open herself up and let someone love her.

But out of fear of only being dealt hurt and misery she is unwilling to gamble for the happiness that she seeks which is true love. 

The sad and loneliness of her heart cries in silence for her fear to gamble on love, and it keeps her away from the one who she knows loves and cares for her and she holds onto the feelings of sadness of a broken heart. Rather than gamble on love again.

By Gertrude Smith


 I knew I was taking a gamble when I stepped into the room. I had spent countless hours deciding if I should do it or not. I had friends on both sides of the coin. I had heard everything from, “Do it, what do you have to lose? Go for it, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” to “Are you sure that’s the route you want to take? Do you think it will be safe?”

No one really seemed to understand my point of view. Hell, I don’t know if I understood it either. Given my place in life, my educational background, my career level and of course my ability to navigate through all types of networks, one would think there would be other less risky options.

I knew it was a crapshoot, but at this point in my life with no other options available to me, I decided to do it.

I stepped into the room and began to browse if that’s what you want to call it. It was more like shopping to me. I looked at each “item” and read the descriptions. It was much like I do when I’m buying shoes online. I enter my specifications; size, color, height and even price range. Then I pray that a shoe that I am attracted to pops up.

Well, here goes nothing. Let’s see what this dating site has to offer.

By Sulekha Pande


Aaannnddd print it!!!!

She still sat on the set floor, crying real tears, but they all thought it was glycerine and it was real acting…
It was in her makeup van that she pulled out all stops and cried her eyes and heart out while going back in time.

Go get my cigarettes from the room you little skunk, and the 5-year-old ran to her mother’s room to fetch her cigarettes.

Her mother was a fading actor, a wannabe who had stardust in her eyes and stardom as her destination. A failure in life.

It had gone till the baby girl had turned 14 and on one of the auditions, it was her who’d caught the eye of the casting director.

After lots of networking, the mother finally got through.
They came home and her mother seated her on a chair and gave her a pep talk, she never was to forget all her life.

The next morning her mother took her to a 6-star posh hotel, asked for a number and took her there, went up and pushed her inside, whispering to her ears, I’ll be waiting down for you…
Hours later as she had tottered out barely able to walk, her mother was sitting there to take her back…

After that day, there was no looking back for her.
The stardom came, so did the glory, but the fabric of her mind kept tearing.
The stardom was getting on her nerves and she wanted out badly.
She came to a conclusion, the night itself.

When the mother woke up, she found her daughter long gone.
Stunned with the note fluttering in her fingers said,
left all to charity…
Going to find my own peace……

The biggest gamble of her life had backfired….

By Deb Harman 


A trip to the casino; Stakes are high 
Within the night of divine wine,
 A gamble of dice roll of ace a house straight of cards pace,
Dealt within deal, A win would be great mate,
It would surely be the gold in game with good old ale,
A nickel well spent 
In the game spades gamble.

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