“It’s funny. We’re always wishing for something more. Something “better”.

“It’s funny. We’re always wishing for something more. Something “better”. But what if there is no “better”? What if this is all there is? Its striking, then, how we can be so incredibly happy in this world we yet call hell ?

This world, so small, so insignificant. This world that is a mote of dust, only visible when making its passage through a serene beacon of sunlight, more often shrouded in a maddening darkness. How then are we not insignificant?
A proper, maybe necessary question. My answer? Because our insignificant world is just a vessel. A place for life, laughter and love, to flourish alongside death, betrayal and despair. But without all of these things, not only the positives but their counterparts as well, we wouldn’t truly be alive would we?
For there can be no light without darkness. And each one of our souls burn brighter than all the galaxies through the dark infinity of time.”


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