5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath


2. Genuine connections are rare 

Those soul-warming, heart-melting, mind-boggling, ethereal connections are the rarest of rare. If you feel like a connection with someone has encompassed this realm, don’t let it go. 


3. Intuitions are real and powerful

5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

The most important lesson I have learned as an empath is never to disregard one’s inner chimes. You will regret it later for sure. This intuition comes from within yourself, it’s source is not based outside. It’s your body, mind, and soul dancing to the same tune. An additional knowledge I gained about intuition is that it strengthens with experience. 

Certain circumstances, certain people, places, and voices gave me goosebumps, my skin curled and my body reacted very weirdly. Initially, I nonchalantly shrugged off these physical reactions. But soon enough I started noticing a pattern. Every time I tossed these signals aside and moved on the wrong path, I faced potent obstacles which lead me to dead ends. With time I became more attuned with what those bodily symptoms meant for me. 

When that internal bell rings, attend to it. 


4. Everything is synchronized

Nothing is randomly placed. Life has an inherent rhythm to it. Interestingly, I got to realize this during the periods I wrapped myself in solitude. The rush of the busy life keeps you under the illusion that every incident is isolated from one another. But if you slow down, look closer, you will learn that things are interconnected. Everything is in harmony. 

This synchronization is one powerful key of life to reckon with. Some indications will serve as a warning sign and others all flowery and cheerful, greeting you to a new beginning. Observe deeply and accept what transpires by allowing it to work for you even when the details are obscure.


5. A personal boundary is an essential tool for survival

Being an empath, this is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to create a boundary for yourself. A strict, non-negotiable one for that matter. You need to learn to blurt out that ‘no’ hanging at the tip of your tongue, quite literally. Empaths often get it all mixed as it becomes difficult for them to separate their emotions from other people’s emotions, as they tend to imbibe other people’s emotions into their systems. 

Boundaries help them recognize emotions exclusively belonging to them. What I always did was ask myself, “Are these my own emotions or are these emotions introjected from others?” Learning to differentiate between your own and other’s emotions will free you of the emotional flooding. 

Personal space and ‘me time’ became important for me as I needed a considerable amount of time to unburden all those negative emotions that drained me throughout my interactions with people. To hell with people who thought I was asocial because all I was doing was trying to safeguard myself from getting my emotional experiences contaminated.

Empaths need themselves to be their own steady companions. Hold on. Don’t give up on yourself. There is you, there’s me and many more like us, who struggle with their innate abilities to feel deeper. Consider this a gift nature bestowed upon you. 


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5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath
5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

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