16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

Pen down your experiences both good and bad, reflect on your achievements, make a list of unfulfilled wishes, goals and plan to achieve them.

Ask where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Take a self-assessment and jot down your strengths and weakness. It will foster your self-development and growth.

Do you know this exercise can increase your awareness of self and the world around you?

Also, journaling helps you beat stress and anxiety by clarifying negative thought patterns and feelings. You can better understand what really matters in your life. 

Why not leverage the therapeutic power of writing and self-reflection to fight boredom during lockdown?

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16. Maintain a daily routine

While work from home can keep you engaged, those unemployed may go insane during the lockdown. You can avoid confusion and restlessness, by having a structure.  

Set a daily routine, create daily goals and try to achieve them no matter what.

Get up and sleep on time. Be organized about everything right from bathing, prayers, cooking, eating, making important calls, gym, and any other ritual. Do it even if you feel lazy. Get along with family members instead of locking yourself in your bedroom. A daily routine will give you a sense of control over life and help you overcome boredom during lockdown. 

I hope these tips help you survive and enjoy self-isolation and social distancing. If you enjoyed reading then leave a comment below. Also, share it with your friends.

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