16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

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10. Stay tuned with The Minds Journal

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11. One new recipe a day

With coronavirus spreading rapidly, food markets and malls have been closed. The shortage of labor and restrictions on transportation has made it difficult to deliver food from farms.  People are provided with essentials, so you have to make most of what you have. This is the time to be creative and add variety to your diet. 

So, blanch and freeze fresh vegetables as well as grated hard cheeses. Think other way round like shelf-stable oat milk can be a good alternative to fresh milk.

Jack Monroe in her latest book  Tin Can Cook, explains how to prepare sauce aillade and other recipes that you can keep for a month. She suggests pickling garlic cloves, white beans and other items that can help you with future dinners in a pandemic. This can be helpful until ready-made tinned ones come back into stock.

For those who have bought enough non-perishable food items out of panic buying, enjoy your favorite snacks. Share things with those who couldn’t stockpile things like you. 

When you’re cooking vegetables, try new recipes each day using food channels and blogs online.

Trust me cooking is fun when you rack your brain to cook a new dish and that turns out to be yummy.

Eat well and stay healthy! 

12. Get in touch

Text your enemies to check out if they have contracted the coronavirus yet. When they tell you no, tell them you will try again tomorrow. Just kidding! You aren’t that evil.

Try to catch up with your loved ones and distant relatives in other countries and ensure they are safe.

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Be kind and full of love

Don’t let petty things get in the way of showing your love and appreciation for those you care about. Write actual letters and cards besides Zoom calls and Skype chats.

Be kind to everyone! 

13. Develop new skills

Do you know that Isaac Newton was busy developing new skills when he was sent home by Trinity college during the Great Plague of London?

Once the lockdown is over and you’re back to the same mundane life, you will start craving for free time. So, make the most of the present situation. This is your time!

Hone skills that can boost your personal growth and lift your career prospects.

You may learn –

  • Calligraphy 
  • New language
  • Belly dancing
  • New hairstyles
  • Fashion trends
  • Origami
  • ways to  wear a scarf
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Programming language
  • Sewing
  • App development
  • Web designing
  • Blogging etc.

The good news is there are various certificate courses online available for free. What more do you need to fight boredom during lockdown?

Take action now! 

14. Jazz up your home

Quarantine is a wonderful time for home decor work. Change that faded wall paint to something that will lift your mood each morning. Take expert help online to avoid irreparable mistakes.

Repurpose items to make your space livelier and functional.

Hide large items in bins under bed or closet. Stuff beautiful, light things on free-standing racks. Adorn walls with memorable photographs and your own artwork. Upgrade the lighting and add a rug to enhance the feel of your room. A unique mirror can further increase the visual appeal.


15. Journaling and Self-reflection 

“The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?” — Greg Plitt, fitness model

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