Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions – 21 January 2019


Predictions for Cancer:

Money is the main subject of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, for you. Changes there may happen. These changes may be forced upon you, or they may stress you, but they’ll bring good results in the long term. The Lunar Eclipse is trying to teach you how to use your money better and how to really enjoy it.

As the Eclipse is happening partly in your zodiac, it affects strongly the image you have for yourself and the one you are promoting towards the world around you. This image may change. Once again, though, the Eclipse is trying to teach you how to be happier and live a more fulfilling life. Therefore, embrace this change instead of resisting it.

Predictions for Leo:

The Lunar Eclipse encourages, or, maybe, forces you to explore and redefine yourself. You are learning more about who you are, who you want to be and how you want the people to perceive you. Occasionally this teachings come in an unpleasant way, but this is a good thing. It can also drive you to change your appearance, wardrobe, and the way you are acting, in order your new look to be more compatible with the image you now believe in and promote.

In the same manner, your spiritual life may change more or less. If you’ve been involved with such kind of schools, gurus etc, some problems and turbulences there may become the earthly reason of this change. Finally, your health may need some attention, especially if you’ve been abusing it to some degree.

Predictions for Virgo:

This Lunar Eclipse affects greatly your spiritual powers. They become very active, but not easily controllable and not always trustworthy. Dreams, for example, can become more vivid and they may feel like bad omens, but, in most cases, they are simply expressing your own stress and worries, rather than giving you ill omens for the future. Nonetheless, if you want to practice with these abilities of yours, this is a good period to do so. Just don’t expect immediate results.

Friendships can become challenging under the influence of this Lunar Eclipse. Whether it’s because of problems in the friendship itself, or because of problems in the lives of your friends, it depends on each individual case. Also, it would be wise for you to back up your important files.

Predictions for Libra:

The Lunar Eclipse is going to be an easier Eclipse than the previous, Solar Eclipse. Of course, this depends on you personal horoscope, as well. Prioritise in having enough time to rest and relax and don’t take things too seriously. Making these a daily “habit” can help you greatly. Career can be affected by the Lunar Eclipse, but in most cases, not in very intense way. Careers related with the internet and high-tech equipment, though, may feel this influence a little harsher.

In fact, high-tech gadgets and equipment can become stressful even if you are using them for personal reasons and enjoyment. Updating your antivirus and firewall and backing up your important files is a good policy. Friendships and social life can also become challenging. Once again, not too much so, though.

Predictions for Scorpio:

Although this Lunar Eclipse is calmer than the previous Solar Eclipse, it affects you more, or more intensively than the previous one. Therefore, be a little more careful, more on the wise side and rest and relax more. The Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse affect your career quite a lot. Some changes there can happen. In some cases, the whole concept of your career may change. This affect those working, those searching for a job and students, alike. As a general advice, do follow your heart, but do not take too many risks, if you don’t need to.

Travelling is not advisable during the Ecliptic period. If you need to travel, anyway, be extra careful, organise your trip as better as you can and, if possible, avoid the day of the Lunar Eclipse.