Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions – 21 January 2019

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions – 21 January 2019

On January 21 at 05:17 UT the Moon from Leo accurately opposes the Sun in Aquarius. This is the first Full Moon of the Year and, also, a Lunar Eclipse.

During this Lunar Eclipse all planets are in direct motion and will remain so the whole fortnight of its influence. This is good news as, usually, the Eclipses demand our immediate action, while the retrograde planets demand from us to hold our horses and rethink what we are going to do. These two energies fight each other, causing even more problems and disturbing even more our balance. Not having to deal with this during this time, it’s certainly a good thing.

Also, the Eclipse doesn’t affect strongly any other planet. It affects slightly Uranus in Aries, in a stressful way, and Chiron in Pisces in a auspicious way. As said, these influences aren’t strong. They’ll only give a fine touch on whatever this Lunar Eclipse will bring, anyway. Some more difficulties in achieving the changes we want, and some good Karmic pay-backs.

On the other hand, during the Eclipse two stressful aspects are at their strongest point. Venus from Sagittarius accurately squares Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Aries accurately squares Saturn in Capricorn.

On top of those, of course, as we’ve seen in our article, Rare Alignment: January 17 – 21, a Magical Window Opensfive planets are in their most powerful positions. Especially the Moon does something very unique. During the 1 whole hour when Earth’s shadow fully covers the Moon, the latter will be in Leo, but at the moment the Eclipse starts it will still be in Cancer. In fact, now only while the Penumbra will be covering the Moon it will be in Cancer, but even when the Umbra (Earth’s shadow) starts covering the Moon, the Moon will still be in Cancer for twenty more minutes. Therefore, in a way, the Eclipse happens both in Cancer and in Leo.

In short, this is a probably easier Eclipse than the previous one and those of six months ago, but it is a very strong one, nonetheless. And like the previous Eclipse, a very magical one, too.

Predictions for Aries:

Family is affected by this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in more ways than one. Children and children figures may need your attention and care. Patience and acceptance there is a better tactic than pushing them. They are probably going through a lot of stress, even if you can’t understand this stress. Parents, or parent figures, may have some financial problems or challenges. Overall, the whole family can take much of your time and may need much of your patience and support. The place you live in, too.

Love life, in a smaller degree, and social life, in a greater degree, also receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse. Social obligations may become more than you would like, or more unpleasant than you would expect. What the Lunar Eclipse is trying to teach you is how to be happier in your social and love life. Keep that in mind when the unpleasant situations happen and you’ll be able to create a permanent correction there.

Predictions for Taurus:

Family can become a source of stress during this period. Problems with a family member, probably problems you’ve been thinking you’ve overcome, make their appearance again. These can be either problems in your relationship with them, or their own problems that are stressing you. Close friends, probably those you would call a “family”, can also stress you in a similar way. In most cases though, those friends, as well as siblings stress you indirectly by means of their own problems and challenges Financial ones, most likely.

Career can also have some issues and upheavals. They can become stressful, but it’s unlikely to be really bad ones. Students, and especially low level ones, may experience this influence a little more severely.

Predictions for Gemini:

Schools and studies of all kinds may become more stressful during the period of influence of this Lunar Eclipse. This will, most likely affect lower level studies more than the higher level ones. Also, communications, transportations, the equipment of those and travelling can cause you some troubles, stresses, or present you with some challenges. If you don’t really have to travel, it’s wiser not to do so.

Close friends and siblings and your relationship with them also receive some stress by this Lunar Eclipse. Patience is a good strategy in these cases. Especially so as what you understand about them and what they are trying to express, and what they really are trying to communicate with you may be two different things.