Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – July 27 2018 – Predictions for Each Sign

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – July 27 2018 - Predictions for Each Sign

General Predictions for the Lunar Eclipse:

On July 27 at 20:20 UT the Moon accurately opposes the Sun, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon will also be a Lunar Eclipse. It’s the Longest Blood Moon Eclipse of the Century, as the total phase of the “blood moon” eclipse of July 27 will last 1 hour and 43 minutes! From start to finish, the entire celestial event will last approximately 4 hours!

Retrograde Mars will be affected strongly by the Eclipse, and so will Uranus. The latter, just not as strongly.


The negative side of the Lunar Eclipse:

Avoiding anything dangerous during the period, and even more during the day of the Lunar Eclipse is highly recommended. Those working with fire and iron should also be extra careful. Other than that, our nerves may be a little more on the edge than they would be without the extra stress on Mars.

Also, this Lunar Eclipse can bring us face to face with life-changing decisions or events. Gently, if we are lucky, but this is probably not a calm transition. Even more so because of the extended retrograde planetary activity demanding our slow and careful action against the Lunar Eclipse demanding our immediate one.

During the previous Eclipse, we had had 40% of the planets in retrograde motion. On this Lunar Eclipse, we’ll have 50% of them, as Mercury turns retrograde on the 25th. Mind that, during the third Eclipse of the period, 60% of the planets will be in retrograde motion. As we’ve seen, the strong retrograde activity brings delays, calls for a slow pace and demands we think and plan carefully each of our actions. This opposing energy to the act-immediately one of the Eclipse, won’t produce stress only regarding our life changing events and decisions, but overall one, instead. It can manifest in many forms and in almost all aspects of our lives.


The Positive side of the Lunar Eclipse:

The Grand Triangle has ceased to exist, but there is some good news, again from the zodiacs of Earth. Uranus from Taurus and the Retrograde Saturn from Capricorn form an even stronger triangle than before. This, somehow will help us achieve the changes we want to achieve. Maybe with a lot of stress, but – most likely – successfully. Probably more successfully than we would think.

Also, the Retrograde Pluto from Capricorn and Venus from Virgo are also in a triangle. Accurate just a few hours after the Lunar Eclipse, and it will be active until the 6th of August, when Venus will enter its second house, Libra. This triangle helps all therapies, including the pharmaceutical ones. Magic based on charms, perfumes, philters, and potions is also very strong. Time traveling, dimension traveling, channeling and, of course, all forms of love magic, are also very strong.


Predictions for Aries:

As this Lunar Eclipse affects your governor, it affects you greatly, as well. Try, more than anyone else to avoid any dangerous and stressful activities, especially during the days close to the Eclipse. Resting and relaxing may be the best choice. Also, you’ll find yourself in a process of redefining your self, and the way you want to present yourself to the others.

Other than that, more or less, the Lunar Eclipse will challenge you the same ways the Solar Eclipse did. Friends, social circle, internet activity and high-tech equipment, though, may stress you a little more.
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Predictions for Taurus:

This Lunar Eclipse awakes many spiritual abilities you have and you keep dormant. They may get very active, but they may not be very reliable. Nonetheless, it’s a nice opportunity for you to start practicing on them. Dreams especially may become super active. Don’t give them too much credit as omens, though,, but it’s a nice time to start keeping a dream journal.

Other than that, parents, siblings, bosses, teachers – and especially the spiritual ones – and also spiritual organizations may cause you stress and unsettlement in several ways. Communication equipment and transportation equipment may need service or changing, too. Finally, a change in your work or career – in some cases a significant one – may also take place.
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