Full Flower Moon in Scorpio – This Is What It means For You!


Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Your social life becomes much more active, during this period. Mostly in a pleasant way, too. You meet new people, new possible love partners, people that may help you professionally… every kind of persons you may need. So, do your best to keep a pleasant and active social face. Dreams can become more vivid and more meaningful, too. Keeping a dream journal can help you. Prophetic dreams are possible, but even more possibilities are dreams that help you better understand yourself, and what you need to heal, or change, in yourself and your life. Spirituality is also strong.

Work can become stressful. Occasionally, too stressful. Especially if you are doing a job you don’t like. In the same time, finding a new job, one you’d enjoy much more is possible. It may come to you on its own, but don’t count on this. By doing your best in finding a new job, you allow the Universe to bring it to you, in the most convenient way. Health needs some extra attention. Your emotional health does so more than your physical health. Resting and relaxing properly is highly advisable.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Work receives much focus, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, and most of it is a beneficial one. There is much progress happening in your work and career matters. It’s also a good period for deciding career changes – and putting these decisions into action. Changing schools, enrolling in schools and whatever can help you in promoting your career plans also receives support. Money wise, it’s a good period, too. Not perfect, but good.

Love, on the other hand, receives some stressful influences. It’s not really bad, but it can become intense in a negative way. In most cases reacting calmingly and not hastily can save you from future troubles. Unhealthy relationships, though, are in danger. This is unpleasant, but it’s a good thing, though. Also, finding a new relationship during this fortnight is not easy. You may have the opportunities, but distinguishing between the good and the not good ones will be a challenge.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

This is a very supporting Full Moon and waning Moon period for all kinds of researches, investigations, studies and similar activities. It’s a period you can find solutions to whatever troubles you and you can find ways to manifest your dreams. This is true both for you’re professional and for your personal goals. Love life, travelling and studies are mostly auspicious during this period, too.

Career and business matters receive much energy. Progress, and a significant one, that is, can take place, but attention and wisdom are necessary. Hastiness can easily lead you to the wrong decisions, so avoid it as much as possible. Not everything will be easy and pleasant, work-wise, but nor will they all be difficult. Business partners and associates can be disagreeable more often than not, though, and family can become quite discouraging, or distracting.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

This Full Moon and this waning Moon period focus much on your work. Most of this focus is a beneficial one, but not all of it. There will be some stress. Trade and work-related travelling receive more stress. Nonetheless, them, too, receive strong beneficial influences. Successes are possible and feasible. At times you need to work harder. At times you need to believe harder. Do those and try to keep your mind clear and focused on whatever you want to achieve.

Health also receives much focus. There, the stressful influences are as great as the beneficial ones. Thus, the Lunar daily influences will determine the balance, for each day. As general advice, avoid significant changes in your dietary habits and avoid intense diets, whether they are for weight loss or gain. Finally, travelling is not inauspicious. It can be difficult and stressful. More attention is necessary if you are driving. Nonetheless, it can become pleasant and productive, as well.