From Mindfulness To Meaningfulness

From Mindfulness To Meaningfulness

To know what is meaningful to us, we must discover and embrace our true nature or as I refer to it as, our core essence. Our core essence is what defines us and is at the heart of what makes us unique human beings.

It is our core essence that frames our sense of self to help us clarify and understand our purpose, leading to a more joyful and deeply authentic life. Our core essence lies at the deepest origins of our spirit, beyond the cognitive, beyond thinking.

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Understanding our emotions and our true nature or core essence helps us become more aware of our connections to others, to nature, and to broader universal consciousness. We gain a better understanding of how we fit in the universe. We can see more beauty in the ordinary yet can live life on several levels.

Embracing mindfulness is an important step in relaxing and shifting from beta to alpha consciousness; however, if we wish to transcend further, we must embrace meaningfulness. If the goal of life is to truly live and realize our full potential, we must understand and connect with our emotions and our spirits. We must live our lives not just thinking our time but feeling our time!

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Written by: Elaine Dundon
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission
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