From confusion to confidence

From confusion to confidence
I was lost on a street
amidst a frightful dream.
Scary shadows roamed around.
I could hear strange sounds.
The sky was all dark.
From far away came angry barks.
The silent sea flew by,
As if it has forgotten the sweet lullaby.
The birds were all silent.
But the wind was very violent.
Suddenly a bright light filled the horizon,
As the sun has risen.
The scary stars faded.
With blue hue the sky was shaded.
With this guiding light,
I came out of dreams of fright.
As I took a right turn,
I saw the shadows burn.
Now I walked on the right path,
And the sea sang its melody
leaving the wraith.
Having the confidence once I had lost,
I walk in the world of optimistic thoughts.

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